Man Charged With Murder in Shooting of New Windsor Teen

By Mark Gerlach

A suspect has been charged with murder in the shooting of Keyshan Gayle.

Gayle, 18, of New Windsor was shot and killed at the corner of Fullerton Avenue and Third Street in the City of Newburgh on Aug. 30. He suffered a single gunshot wound to the back, and was found lying on the ground when police arrived. Gayle was pronounced dead at the St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital emergency room in Newburgh.

Twenty-two-year-old Tyler Castro of Newburgh was arrested on Oct. 12 in connection with the incident and charged with murder in the second degree. Castro was held in city court, and arraigned on Oct. 13. He’s scheduled to appear in court again later this month before Judge E. Loren Williams.

State police and the Orange County District Attorney’s Office are helping with the investigation, an announcement from the City of Newburgh Police Department said.

Since Gayle’s death, there has been a push for broken streetlights and security cameras in the city to be fixed, as well as more cameras to be added. Gayle graduated Newburgh Free Academy last summer.

“My son was murdered in the perfect atmosphere, non-working streetlights, and a non-working camera,” Jennifer Bediako, Gayle’s mother, said at a Sept. 12 meeting at the city’s Activity Center.

Central Hudson has repaired 133 streetlights, which were blown out, City Manager Michael Ciaravino said at an Oct. 11 city council meeting. The city has more than 4,000 operational streetlights, Ciaravino said.

Newburgh recently installed wireless street cameras. In addition, equipment was ordered and a company has been hired to install 14 cameras, replacing old ones, at a cost of about $55,000, he said. The city aims to take money from its formerly proposed skateboard park, and allocate it toward a security camera project.

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