Orange County Digs Deep For Disaster Relief

More Relief for PR from Cornwall and and  WASHINGTONVILLE disaster relief

Orange County Digs Deep For Disaster Relief

Towns all around Orange County have gone above and beyond the pale this past week, filling a  seemingly endless trail of truckloads with tons of supplies for hurricane victims in Puerto Rico, Florida and Texas.

Cornwall’s 34th Precinct police helped pack goods from families of Cornwall, New Windsor, Monroe, Woodbury and beyond, for Puerto Rico disaster relief last weekend by its police station. New Windsor. Chester and Blooming Grove have boxes full in their town halls.

Washingtonville is collecting again this weekend, 10-6, at Lasser Park.

Newburgh Armory Collection in Newburgh on October 7

Senator Bill Larkin and Bill Kaplan, founder and President of the Newburgh Armory Unity Center will be doing a collection drive this weekend.
KFM Trucking of Walden has donated a trailer towards this effort. They will load up a large trailer of donated supplies from the Armory on Saturday, October 7 and travel to a pick-up location in Florida where the supplies will be shipped to Puerto Rico.
Animal Rescue Efforts In Full Swing

In addition, fundraisers and rescue efforts by equestrian groups have been finding help for the many displaced horses and cattle in the South,.
Supplies can be dropped off at all Orange County Town Clerk offices until 10-13

Supplies that are most needed include bottled water, flashlights, batteries (no lithium batteries), canned goods, old-style can openers, tarps, blankets, feminine hygiene products, first aid kits, candles and baby baby wipes, insect repellant, canned and dry foods for both humans and pets, cots, pillows, laundry detergent, soaps, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and tarps.

Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico last as a Category 4 storm, knocking out the island’s entire power grid. The storm, one of the strongest ever to hit the island, followed Hurricane Irma and resulted in approximately $10 billion of damage.

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