Cynthia Nixon Discovers That In Newburgh It’s Not Just About the Rents

Cynthia Nixon Discovers That in Newburgh It’s Not Just About the Rents
by Michael Lebron

Cynthia Nixon brought her campaign attempting to unseat New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo to Newburgh on Tuesday.

The event was organized by Community Voices Heard and was held at Blacc Vanilla, the popular coffee shop on the corner of South and North Miller Street, on Tuesday morning, May 8.

Her initial plan was to talk exclusively about her rent control platform. When it became clear that the audience in the room had other things on their mind, the conversation was opened up. It then quickly turned to a focus on why rents are so high, among them the tax rate. One property owner said his tax bills were much higher than his mortgage. People spoke of the need for business development that would bring jobs and opportunity. In response, Cynthia said “This is such an incredible community and you’re at such a crossroads, such creative people, with ingenuity and such a diverse population, and this is exactly the kind of community (that) is just crying out for the state to help with economic development on a local level and listen to what people are saying in terms of what industries and what kinds of support are needed, because Newburgh is so beautifully positioned to succeed and to soar. But if we just leave things to market forces, too many people are going to get hurt.”

Melanie, the owner of black vanilla, summed up the mood in the room at the close, saying “We are a diverse community. We are dedicated to this city and we don’t care if you are Democrat, Republican or Independent, left or right, whether you have been her for generations or if you are new. What we care about is that you are dedicated, and that you are willing to help Newburgh. If you are, then we will embrace you.”


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