Basile and Skoufis Tout Official & Cross-Party Endorsements

Skoufis and Basile Tout Official & Cross-Party Endorsements

This week the candidates for 39th Senate District went to great efforts to show their ability to accomplish the goals of local towns and especially to work across party lines. Primary voting is happening as we go to press. Results will be on our online site at on Friday morning.
On Wednesday Tom Basile had a gathering of area leaders who came out with endorsements:


Calling him someone they can trust to be a true partner for their towns and villages, the Supervisors for the Towns of Monroe and Blooming Grove, as well as the Mayors of the Villages of Monroe and South Blooming Grove announced their endorsement this week of Tom Basile to succeed retiring Senator Bill Larkin in the 39th District.

Supervisors Rob Jeroloman and Tony Cardone, and Mayors Neil Dwyer and James LoFranco all praised Basile’s emphasis on programs that will bring back more resources from Albany to help local municipalities. Basile’s local roads proposal, backed by many of the area’s Highway Superintendents, and his recently-announced Regional Sustainability Initiative both call for realigning existing state funds toward more local challenges.

Town of Blooming Grove Supervisor Rob Jeroloman said, “We need to ensure that our area has proper representation in the Senate. Tom Basile understands and appreciates the changes occurring in southern Orange County and he will work with us to ensure sustainable growth. Senator Bill Larkin has always been there for our community and Tom Basile will pick up where he leaves off, fighting for us and delivering for our communities.”

Town of Monroe Supervisor Tony Cardone said, “Tom Basile’s sustainability initiative grant program will most certainly help Town of Monroe residents. Tom understands the dynamics of Monroe, which can help our future infrastructure needs. His positive approach and sincere concern for the towns in Orange County makes him someone we truly look forward to working with.”

Village of South Blooming Grove Mayor James LoFranco said, “Tom Basile has the interests of our little village at heart. I am confident that he will serve us well and echo our voices in Albany.”

Village of Monroe Mayor Neil Dwyer said, “As Mayor for the Village of Monroe I am responsible for the financial resources in our budget and how they are spent each year. It is imperative that we have financial resources that ease the burden on taxpayers.

“I’m honored to have the support of these leaders,” said Basile, who is running on the Republican, Independence and Conservative lines in November. “Our towns and villages face major challenges all of which impact the property tax burden in our area. The money we send to Albany must be reinvested in our communities and local officials should be prioritizing how those funds are utilized for maximum impact.”

Basile’s Regional Sustainability Initiative would provide dedicated grant funding for local master plan development, aquifer protection plans and updated architectural standards; create a local grant program for historic downtown and business district revitalization; establish regional funding for water and sewer system upgrades; and increase funds for local parks, land preservation and view-shed protection.

Last month, Basile announced his support for addressing longstanding uncertainty about the fate of land in the iconic Schunnemunk Mountain viewshed and to promote sustainable development in South Blooming Grove by having the State of New York acquire the controversial Lake Anne property adjacent to the existing parkland in the Village.

Earlier in the summer, Basile also announced his intention to sponsor legislation in the Senate to dramatically-increase local infrastructure funding called CHIPS using existing gas tax revenue currently diverted to projects other than road improvements.

In addition to Senator Larkin, Basile has previously announced the support of County Executives Neuhaus and Day, Sheriff Carl DuBois, Supervisors Winchell of Montgomery, Piaquadio of Newburgh, Monaghan of Stony Point, Croce of Plattekill, and numerous other officials and organizations.

(Pictured left to right: Monroe Town Supervisor Tony Cardone, Town of Blooming Grove Councilman Steven Amante, Senator Bill Larkin, Village of South Blooming Grove Mayor James LoFranco, Stony Point Town Councilman Tom Basile, Village of Monroe Mayor Neil Dwyer and Town of Blooming Grove Supervisor Rob Jeroloman)
Local Officials Add Endorsements to Democrat Skoufis

James Skoufis

State Assemblyman and State Senate candidate James Skoufis (D-Woodbury) today received the cross-party endorsements of five Republican elected official and has also been endorsed by local building trades.

Woodbury Deputy Mayor Tim Egan, Cornwall-on-Hudson Deputy Mayor Mark Edsall, Cornwall-on-Hudson Trustee Ken Schmidt, Harriman Trustee Sandra Daly, and Harriman Trustee Bruce Chichester. The local Republican leaders praised Skoufis’ commitment to choosing people over politics and working across party lines to solve problems.

Tim Egan, Village of Woodbury Deputy Mayor said, ““I support James Skoufis because I’ve worked closely with him and trust that he’ll continue fighting for middle-class tax relief. I know first-hand that he’ll always push to protect our quality of life while delivering important state funding for our schools, municipalities, and local infrastructure. I’ve seen him in action which is why he’s earned my support as well as the support of so many Republicans across the aisle.”

Sandra Daly, Village of Harriman Trustee said, “James Skoufis is my choice to represent our community in the State Senate. Working with James has never been about a party, but about delivering results. As a local official, James is exactly who I want to have as a partner in the State Senate. His record as an Assemblyman speaks for itself and that’s why I am confident he’ll serve us best as State Senator.”

UPDATE:  James Skoufis gained over 95% of yesterday’s primary election,  (unofficial Board of Election tally) in votes on the Reform Party line.  Basile achieved some write-in votes.  They both will continue the contest as a democrat (Skoufis) and republican (Basile) candidates in November’s general election.

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