We Remembered – Collection of Orange County 911 Ceremonies


Area residents took pause to remember the tragedies of 9/11 from town to town throughout Orange County on Monday. Veterans, residents, and firefighters, many who lost friends and loved ones in this region that includes a high number service personnel who were personally affected on that day. Our residents attended the services in high numbers at the County level at Thomas Bull Memorial Park, in Washingtonville, Cornwall, the Village of South Blooming Grove and the City of Newburgh. Many shared the frightening memories of their experiences on that day both in one on one interactions and in social media. While the images of respectful remembrance brought both respect and sadness, the affection and support shown to those who still grieve were visibly uplifting as they demonstrated the benefits of close community bonds.

(Photo above, Village of South Blooming Grove 911 Remembrance Ceremony)
Photo by Brett Carey)

911 Ceremony county procession
Orange County Procession at Thomas Bull Memorial Park

911 DuBois  Orange County Sheriff Carl DuBois


911 City of Newburgh

City of Newburgh 911 2

Newburgh Ceremony BAGPIPES Bob McCormick  (Newburgh photos by Bob McCormick)

Cornwall monument  Cornwall 9/11 Monument

Cornwall Red mCcORMICK  Cornwall/Highland Engine Company

Highland Engine Company Cornwall

(additional photos by Bob McCormick and Jim Formato

Mount St. Mary College 911 vigil Moumt Saint Mary Vigil (Photo provided)



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