Federal Furloughed Workers Tax Extension Bill Pushed Thru State Legislature By Schmitt and Skoufis


Assemblyman Colin Schmitt’s (R,C,I,Ref-New Windsor) first co-sponsored bill as a Member of the State Assembly A881 has now passed the State Senate, where Senator James Skoufis caught Schmitt’s early pass and carried it across the goal line.

This bill  provides for a temporary extension of payment of real property taxes for federal employees who are currently going unpaid or are furloughed during the ongoing federal government shutdown.

The bill now heads to the Governor’s desk for action. Assemblyman Schmitt is urging the Governor to expedite his approval of this legislation.

Assemblyman Colin Schmitt stated, “It is great to see this bipartisan bill which would provide much needed assistance during the federal government shutdown has now passed the State Senate. We passed this bill last week in the Assembly and now it heads to the Governor’s desk. I urge the Governor to sign this bill immediately. The local residents who are federal employees who are dealing with the longest shutdown in US history could greatly use this assistance.” Many of the affected local families are struggling to cover basic expenses such as food and utilities while they go unpaid during the federal government shutdown. This bill would take the pressure and fear of missing a property tax payment off their minds until their pay resumes. Many of the affected residents are still working while collecting no pay. It is time for Congress to do their job and re-open the Government.

Senator Skoufis plans a press conference in Rockland County to address the victory.

Another bill is in the works, called ” The NY Tax Relief Act” is a package of eight stand alone bills that include:

Permanent Property Tax Cap: A permanent property tax cap tied in with a three year ban on unfunded mandates and a study by the comptroller on eliminating all unfunded mandates.

Senior Property Tax Freeze: A bill to freeze property taxes at 62 years of age for qualified recipients who are at or below $120,000 annual income. Their tax payment could never go up, but can decrease with new exemptions or other tax relief measures.
3/5th Supermajority For New Taxes: Require a 3/5ths Supermajority for new taxes to be passed by the State Legislature.

STAR Property Tax Relief Increase: Bill would increase the property tax relief credit by 25 percent.

State Medicaid Takeover (Two Senate Same As Bills Sponsored by Senator Young) The first bill reduces the local Medicaid contribution by 20 percent a year over five years for all counties outside New York City. The counties will then enact dollar-by-dollar reductions to local property taxes to ensure that these savings are going directly back to property taxpayers. The second bill reduces counties’ contributions by 10 percent a year over 10 years and again requires all savings to be returned dollar-by-dollar back to property taxpayers.

In the 99th Assembly District, according to data from the Empire Center, 58% of Orange County’s property taxes and 44% of Rockland County’s property taxes are spent on Medicaid costs alone. Based on this data from 2017 the two counties that comprise the 99th Assembly District would save a combined $142,2,74273 annually if the NY Tax Relief Act were enacted.

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