Another Animal Abuse Case Goes to Court in New Windsor

Another Animal Abuse Case Goes to Court in New Windsor

By Edie Johnson

On Tuesday, January 22, New Windsor court was scheduled to hold an arraignment on claims of alleged animal abuse at this home on Toleman Road, the first house in New Windsor past the Washingtonville village line.  Carrie Jean Sabins, appeared but requested that the arraignment be postponed to March 12.  Details are sparse at this time, but the New Windsor court responded to our inquiry and said that the charges  against her include “Animal Cruelty” and permit violations.  On her Facebook page Sabins had until yesterday listed her home as Las Vegas, and previously Washingtonville, but the “Las Vegas” reference has since been deleted.   The “farm”, shown in the picture above is clearly in deteriorated condition.  She  posted that it has been in the family for 70 years.  Until recently she advertised sale of eggs and meats at many area farm markets, brought from her “free range” farm.  The products included: pork- bacon, ham steaks, chops, roasts, sausage, ground; fresh whole chickens;  lamb: leg, shoulder, ground; goat- leg, shoulder, and ground, 100% grass fed ground beef.

On Monday the page linked to a Go Fund Me page named “Help Eggberts Rebuild Our Barn”, where she is asking for $100,000 in donations to help rebuild the farm “after our barn”, she posted, “collapsed last year”.  So far the page has earned her $100.

The online page “Justice for the Horses of Argus Farm”  that was once devoted to updates on the Goshen  horrific horse abuse case has now been changed to Justice for the Animals of Hudson Valley and attempts to keep county residents abreast of all questionable animal abuse cases.  They have been following the Sabins charges since word spread of complaints that there was lack of proper shelter for the animals that lived there.  Other questions about how and where the animals were slaughtered prior to sale have not been able to be confirmed as we wait for response from the town’s animal control officer and  SPCA.

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