Blooming Grove Police Force Approaching Full Staffing, May’s Field Reno

Blooming Grove Police Force Approaching Full Staffing,  May’s Field Reno

By Edie Johnson

Chief Schupp Finds 2 Good PD Candidates

Blooming Grove’s police force is approaching full staffing, according to a report from Chief Carl Schupp to this week’s town board work session. Ongoing negotiations with the police union are still short of a contract and continue while an arbitration board considers imposing a settlement, the impediment continuing to be health care costs.  Council members continued to discuss the matter with the chief in Executive Session, but during the public session Schupp was happy to report that he has lined up two candidates who will likely soon join the force.  One was approved at the session pending his physical and psychological exams and will go to training at the Rockland County training facility which can have him graduate as soon as July.  The other is an individual who is currently an NYPD officer that Schupp said has indicated he is “reachable”.  This would bring the force to 14, which is considered full staffing.

Mays Field Renovations

While improvements to Lasser Field begin to wrap up, the entire Blooming Grove community is thinking Spring, and to many that means baseball, and especially Little League and baseball which is big in the town.  Mays Field, located in the Village of Washingtonville will be ready for field play, but a building on the site that had renovations and expansions years ago was to be determined to be vastly out of code compliance, especially since the additions were done some years back without permits.  The upper floor is required to be completely removed and rebuilt, and will have to meet current strict code compliance, especially with regard to electrical connections.

The work will not interfere with Little League play, but it will put a big damper on trips to the concession stand.  Councilmen Charles Quick and Tom DeVinko made several suggestions, including beginning the work on a portion of the building that could be usable, and the option of bringing a trailer or food truck on site.  Supervisor Rob Jeroloman said that the amount of electrical work necessary, including a required new box that could shut all current off with one switch, would make use of the building any time soon unlikely, leaving the trailer or food truck as the likely best option for a concession stand for this Spring.

McDuffy Park
Johanna Kiernan reported on application of $5,000 grant monies that will be used for a 16′ x 20′ concrete pad and a concrete picnic table.

Efforts will be made to seek additional grant monies to any possible remaining funds to erect an overhead pavilion above the concrete pad in order to provide shade.

Buses in Blooming Grove?

After residents raised a number of concerns over a decision in the Village of South Blooming Grove to allow a shuttle bus that would bring some of the new village residents back and forth to Kiryas Joel, Supervisor Jeroloman responded to resident concerns raised, mainly that the buses might increase the already problematic traffic along Route 208 and give rise to pollution and accidents.  Jeroloman explained that the Village of South Blooming Grove operates independently of the Town in such matters, and the Town cannot restrict their use of buses.  The board did, however decide to increase their liason connections to the village, with more frequent attendance by Councilwoman Sonia Ayala, Councilman George Doering and the supervisor taking turns attending their meeting to make sure they are breast of any new happenings that might affect the rest of the town.

It was also clarified that there were 10 restrictions included in the new temporary village bus law, including that there will be only one approved driver, only two shuttle buses, and a specific list of allowable stops.  The bus is called Blooming Grove Shuttle and has room for 28 passengers.



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