The Elizabeth Collection, A Popular Leather Art Tooling Shop Gets Senate’s Empire Business Award

The Elizabeth Collection, A Popular Leather Art Tooling Shop
Gets  Senate’s Empire Business Award

By Edie Johnson

The Elizabeth Collection on Broadway in Newburgh was given the prestigious  New York Senate’s Empire Business Award on Monday, June 10 by Senator James Skoufis.   Owners Elizabeth Moore and Eric Noll already have a group of dedicated followers  due to their exceptional talents in leather tooling, and with new orders for their works more like art than product , and with the backing of the Orange County Accelerator Program, it is expected to grow rapidly.

Elizabeth and Eric moved their business from Main Street in Cornwall to 605 Broadway  in Newburgh, an Accelerator Satelite,  and  as you approach this North end of Broadway you  see other thriving new businesses popping up like flowers in early Spring.  While they love their Cornwall following, which are devoted and surely will make the short trip to Newburgh to continue doing business with them, Eric said “Here we have plenty of room to spread and grow as our business expands, and to hire local workers interested in growing as part of an interesting trade, one that can provide a ladder to increasing success.”  The delicately tooled and painted journals, belts and emblems are each special works of art and on looking at one beautiful piece after another it’s really hard not to think of a dozen people that would love them as a gift (including oneself) and very tempting to put in an order right there and then!

Elizabeth collection good one

The hides come from all over.  Area hunters provide, and one leather that came all the way from Afghanistan where Eric served in the Army. Other than the leathers currently in use they are stored in a big freezer for future orders.  Elizabeth said “It’s part of our belief that if you kill an animal you should honor it by using all of its parts”.  They currently have a good supply, but Eric said he is always looking for more leathers, especially as their business grows. The Elizabeth Collection is planning to expand into more fashion design soon.


Both Elizabeth and Eric emphasized that with the resurgence of exciting new business in the City, they believe they have the perfect place to grow.  While the building has an attractive entrance and ample parking, few would expect that after entering there are expansive rooms, clearly PLENTY of space to grow as their business expands.  Senator Skoufis said he has known Elizabeth and Eric for years, has watched  as their business has progressed, and that it was a special privilege to be able to give them this award.

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