Washingtonville Winds Down Summer, Gears Up for Fall

Washingtonville Winds Down Summer, Gears Up for Fall

By Eugenia Moskowitz

As summer vacations come to an end, students return to practices for fall sports, and parents pack away beach gear, the Washingtonville Events Committee held a successful “Barnyard Bash” themed Farmers and Artisans Market last weekend with live music, vegetables from local farms and Blooming Grove Community Garden plots tended by girl scouts, crafts, food vendors, and petting zoos from Reenie’s Rabbit Rescue, Tevaland Farm Animal Rescue, and Wagon Wheel Farm, whose calves Confetti and Buttercup rested under a shade tree to beat the heat. The next Market will be September 15 with a “Taste of the Town” theme, followed by the committee’s major events Witchingtonville in October, and Whoville in December (in tandem with the Blooming Grove/Washingtonville Chamber of Commerce’s Christmas Firetruck Parade). To learn more or to get involved, contact washingtonvillemarket@gmail.com.

The weekend also saw another Date Night, held at Vern Allen Park, where folks enjoyed live music and the movie Dirty Dancing, also brought to the public by the Washingtonville Events Committee. The re-scheduled date for the Fiesta Date Night, and the movie Coco, will be August 30.

The 10th annual Alex’s Lemonade Stand, held by the Peterson and Mirecki families outside the Moffat Library, brought in not only $1318.70 but Liz Scott, mother of Alexandra who started the original stand back in 2000. “We are so thrilled Liz came here from Pennsylvania to visit our 10th anniversary of the lemonade stand,” said Abby Peterson. She said that the organization is unique because people who run each lemonade stand can see exactly which area research institutions have been funded with their stand’s totals, both by dollar amount and research hours. “So when people tell us they’ve been treated at a place we’ve helped fund, it matters to us and has impact for our kids, especially now that they’ve gotten older, to see exactly how economics is translated into real services and standards of living for people facing a catastrophic medical crisis.” The lemonade stand saw visits from a steady stream of local officials and families, many of whom donated baked goods, gift cards, and baskets. There was a lemon-themed craft by Moffat youth librarian Emily Kinney, and even a special visit from Assemblyman Colin Schmitt, whose headquarters is now located in a storefront at the Fulton Square strip mall just over the South Street bridge.

A local effort to raise awareness for suicide prevention and to encourage those suffering silently to reach out for help saw a large group of people gather at Nailed It Hardware to prime old campaign lawn-signs and ready them for painting on September 7. Stay tuned along the roadways of Washingtonville to see what messages will be put out there. Volunteers said no effort is too small to reach out to someone and let them know they matter and that people care. To get involved, call Corinne Courtney at Nailed It Hardware.

Fundraising was underway by both Washingtonville football/cheer, which held a coin drop outside Stop and Shop, and the girls’ varsity swim/dive team, which provided car washes at the municipal lot by the veterans’ memorial stones. School starts on September 5. Be sure to come out and support the teams!


wville 5

CAPTION 1: Wagon Wheel Farm’s calves Confetti and Buttercup enjoyed attention from pint-sized animal lovers at the Washingtonville Farmers and Artisans Market. (Photo by Eugenia Moskowitz)

CAPTION 2: Date Night in Washingtonville meant cotton candy for these kids, who came by bike to hear the music and watch the outdoor movie. (Photo provided)

CAPTION 3: The 10th annual Alex’s Lemonade Stand involved the Peterson and Mirecki families and a special visit from Liz Scott, mom of the original founder of the now-nationwide fundraising lemonade stand. (Photo provided)

CAPTION 4: Suicide prevention communication efforts were underway at Nailed It Hardware, where signs were primed and will soon be upcycled with slogans and prevention information and placed along roadways in and around Washingtonville. (Photo provided)

CAPTION 5: The girls’ Washingtonville Varsity Swim/Dive team held its fundraiser car wash on West Main Street. Go blue-and-gold! (Photo provided)




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