Brittany Terrace Purchased By Homeowners

Homeowner Purchase of Brittany Terrace Strengthens Bonds of Rock Tavern Community

Location proved to be key when Thomas Gibney and Patty Reynolds were looking to move to Brittany Terrace manufactured home complex. Both Gibney and Reynolds agree that the location at Brittany Terrace just off Station Road in Rock Tavern NY, Town of New Windsor is beautiful. It’s country-like, surrounded by trees. So when Gibney and Reynolds learned their community was for sale, the prospect of the unknown was scary. Learning residents could purchase the neighborhood themselves and become a resident-owned community (ROC) where Members would be in control of all major decisions was a relief.

In many manufactured home communities such as Brittany Terrace, residents own their homes but not the land beneath them. This makes homeowners vulnerable to rent increases and eviction, especially when ownership of the land changes. By purchasing the property, homeowners are empowered to make major decisions as a unified community.

Financing for the purchase included $5.2 million in federal Home funds allocated by New York State Homes and Community Renewal and $5.2 million from ROC USA Capital. Rent increased by $40 after the community became resident owned. Residents purchased their 88-home community on July 3, 2019 for $9.5 million. Staff from Pathstone Corporation, the ROC USA ® Network Certified Technical Assistance Provider, will work with residents for the duration of their mortgage – at least 10 years.Reynolds and Gibney agreed that the support they received from Pathstone set them up for success.

New York State Homes and Community Renewal provided nearly $5.2 million in a HOME grant to enable the purchase. Already, Reynolds and Gibney said they’ve noticed changes in the community. While all were friendly with their neighbors, the experience helped to bring everyone closer together, Gibney said.“We didn’t even know half the people,” he said. “Now we know almost everybody.”

“Residents of Brittany Terrace now have control over the management of their community and can live without fear of exorbitant rental increases,” New York State Homes and Community Renewal (HCR) Commissioner Ruth Anne Visnauskas said. “Investments such as this, which ensure these neighborhoods will remain affordable for current and future homeowners for years to come, build upon this year’s overhaul of state rent regulations which took historic steps to protect residents of manufactured home parks.”

This investment is part of Governor Cuomo’s commitment to providing all New Yorkers with access to safe, affordable housing is reflected in the State’s unprecedented $20 billion, five-year Housing Plan. The plan makes housing accessible and combats homelessness by building or preserving more than 100,000 affordable homes and 6,000 with supportive services.  For more information on HCR programs and initiatives, please visit:

(Photos by Bob McCormick)

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