Principal Slimed at Taft Elementary

Principal Slimed at Taft Elementary

By Eugenia Moskowitz

On Sept. 20, Taft Elementary School’s principal Mrs. Williams bravely walked onto the tarmac in perfect weather to huge cheers from the student body seated on the grassy hill. Like a NASA astronaut heading for her spacecraft, she walked the mile, as it were, in creative protective gear including a shower cap, iridescent swim-goggles, and an authentic Niagara Falls Maid-of-the-Mist poncho. “Is she getting ready to blast off somewhere?” I asked a second grader.

“No!” he shouted. “She’s going to get slimed!”

The sliming was being done as the culmination of the school’s PTA summertime Boxtop challenge for families to get box tops sent in from all 50 states in the union. “Mission accomplished,” PTA organizer Maureen Finnerty said, “with 493 collected in total. Seventy came from Missouri alone, and someone’s Great Aunt Joan, who was a student here in the 1960s and whose grand nieces and nephews now attend, sent one in from Montana. Die hard school pride right there,” Finnerty said. “People may not realize how much those Boxtops help the PTA financially. The program started 22 years ago and since then, Taft has earned $30,017.”

That’s a lotta cereal.

“Now Boxtops is going digital. If you noticed fewer box tops on food packaging, it’s because products now have a scan label. If you see the label, use the downloadable Boxtops app to scan your reciept and instantly add .10 cents per Boxtop to your school’s earnings. It’s so easy, and it frees up the PTA’s efforts of clipping, collecting, and sorting huge amounts of physical box tops.” (As an aside, Finnerty added, unable to send a box top, someone’s Aunt Linda from Alaska sent the PTA a book for the new Taft Library.)

The crowd was getting restless. Mrs. Williams steeled herself, sat down in a chair, and adjusted her goggles. To a raucous countdown, assistant principal Dr. Hindley climbed a stepladder, hoisted the bucket, and the rest is history.

Back inside the building, one first grader, still managing her personal response to the surprise of the whole thing, felt it best to inform front desk security of what just happened out there. “Mrs. Williams got slimed!” she exclaimed, as her class walked through the lobby back to class.

Shenanigans, indeed.


slime 1

slime 2


slime 3

CAPTION 1: Taft principal Mrs. Williams greeted the entire student body as she prepared to get slimed as the culmination of the school’s summertime PTA challenge to collect Boxtops from all 50 states. (Photos by Eugenia Moskowitz)

CAPTION 2: Assistant principal Dr. Hindley poured the slime.

CAPTION 3: Thank heavens for protective gear!

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