Moffat Library Holds Teen-Run Halloween Event for Tots

Moffat Library Holds Teen-Run Halloween Event for Tots

By Eugenia Moskowitz

Washingtonville’s Moffat Library held its annual Halloween Carnival on Oct. 25 for the community’s tiniest tots. Organized under the leadership of youth librarian Emily Kinney and run entirely by teens of the library’s Teen Advisory Board (TAB), the yearly event saw unprecedented numbers of very small children in costume coming into the library and doing activities at the many tables. Spooky corn-hole, witch hat ring-toss, and corn-maze-through-the-stacks were but three of the many events, which were all hands-on for children and run by teens in non-scary costumes.

Five stickers got children a cute mummy rubber duckie at the final table, while snacks and water were available and everyone got home early enough for regular bedtime, which pleased parents. The friendly Halloween decor was specifically geared to very small children, while on the other side of town, the annual Salisbury Mills Haunted Firehouse displayed more gruesome frights for older children on Oct. 25-26, and the third annual Witchingtonville went all-out with the Headless Horseman and bloody zombie creatures handmade by Washingtonville’s own Gross Family (see article in last week’s Orange County Post). Regular neighborhood festivities and trick-or-treating was also done at various locations, including the well-known area along Decker Drive and connected streets in the center of Washingtonville.

To get involved in the Moffat Library’s TAB program to brainstorm, organize, and run community events for children, as well as earn community service hours, middle- and high-schoolers are encouraged to please contact Emily Kinney at the library.


CAPTION 1: A tiny R2-D2 made it through the corn-stalk maze in the Moffat Library’s Children’s Reading Room while a member of the library’s Teen Advisory Board (TAB) looked on. (Photos by Eugenia Moskowitz)

CAPTION 2: A princess and tiny Max from the beloved children’s classic Where the Wild Things Are each chose a rubber duckie as a prize for getting five stickers on their cards.

CAPTION 3: Icky! A geisha helped some small costumed creatures guess what they were blindly touching (squishy oatmeal, cooked spaghetti, and rubber sea-slugs) at one of the many exciting hands-on tables for children each run by TAB teens.

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