Drama, Sweetness and Friends : The Buzz in Washingtonville

Drama, Sweetness and Friends:
The Buzz in Washingtonville

By Eugenia Moskowitz

Parfumerie at WHS

Last weekend, Washingtonville High School’s Masque and Mime Society put on their fall play, the comedy Parfumerie by the Hungarian-turned-American playwright and scriptwriter Miklos Laszlo. Set in a Budapest drugstore/perfume shop (when soaps and shampoos were mixed and dispensed by hand) just days before Christmas in 1936, the plot line has been the basis of the film The Shop Around the Corner and In the Good old Summertime, as well as the inspiration for the movie You’ve Got Mail.


A tale of mismatched lovers who don’t know that they know each other through their anonymous correspondence over the past year, the story also depicts the shop owner, whose wife has been unfaithful. While he is a good man, he also lashes out at his employees in an effort to correct the situation, setting off a dramatic series of events. The comparison of young men and women just bursting into life is juxtaposed with an older colleague who knows his own particular life is small compared with the entire scope of the human condition. As tangled as the situation becomes, all’s well that ends well in the end of this drama liberally sprinkled with perfectly timed comedic moments blended seamlessly into the whole. The actors deftly displayed their skills of expression just two short months into the school year, while also holding rehearsals for the upcoming spring musical Pink Slip, to be performed March 5-7.

The show was dedicated to longtime drama teacher, Masque and Mime director, and guidance counselor Jodi Davis, whose family has established the Jodi Davis Performing Arts Scholarship in her memory, to be awarded annually to seniors who plan on majoring in the performing arts in college. (To donate, please contact the high school’s main office.)

CAPTIONS 1, and 2: Scenes from the play Parfumerie in the new auditorium at Washingtonville High School. (Photos by Eugenia Moskowitz)

wville 1

Celebrating “Friendsgiving” at Mystic Cafe

Also glimmering last weekend, chef Talsie Taylor welcomed the Washingtonville community in from the cold on Nov. 23 to her cafe, where everyone was invited to eat, drink, and play party card games in the company of friends. Wholesome Caribbean cooking was savored amidst conversation and laughter as the windows shone with light well after center square grew dark and the rain that pummeled the area all day Sunday was just getting started. The center of Washingtonville is set to be decorated with wreaths and pine boughs the weekend after Thanksgiving, and after the Tree Lighting on Dec. 7 will remain lit with sparkling Christmas decor well into January.

CAPTION 3: Friendship festivities and party card games invited these Washingtonville residents to look ahead to the Christmas season at Mystic Cafe. (Photo provided)

wville 6

Honey Maker Holds Ribbon Cutting

Blooming Grove’s master beekeeper, educator, and honey producer Jenny B celebrated her new shop inside Nailed It Hardware on Nov. 22 with a ribbon cutting by the Blooming Grove/Washingtonville Chamber of Commerce. Arriving in town just two years ago from Long Island with her NYPD detective husband, Jenny B has created a sweet spot with the Washingtonville Community Events Council, which orchestrates the summertime Farmers Market and Washingtonville’s large seasonal event-celebrations.

From her personal apiary at her home in Blooming Grove, and her satellite hives on Long Island and around the country where different pollen- and nectar-producing blooms are in season, Jenny B offers varietal honeys of every shade and flavor, as well as soaps, body care products, and professional beekeeping supplies from the back room of Nailed It Hardware in the center of Washingtonville.

She offers beekeeping classes in her shop for those who want to get started building a hive or creating a bee garden. She also offers a popular 6-week curriculum for area schools. See TheJennyBProject.com for more information, call 631-356-5418, or email TheJennyBProject@gmail.com.

CAPTION 7: Jenny B’s honey company, Beez from the Block, held its ribbon-cutting on Nov. 22 at its shop located inside Nailed It Hardware. (Jenny B with Legislator Kathy Stegeng (Photo provided)

wville 7

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