Art: It’s Elementary! 

Art: It’s Elementary! 

By Eugenia Moskowitz

Art other

The annual Taft Elementary School’s PTA-run art show was held on Feb. 7 to a full gallery of spectators and children, who received instruction in various art expressions from Washingtonville High School’s National Art Honor Society members. Art of every kind was displayed, from flat paintings and sketches, to photography, to three-dimensional clay and mixed-media.

The next art events will be the 20th Annual Washingtonville High School Art Show on May 15-18, and the Teen Art Show sponsored by the Friends of the Moffat Library and held in conjunction with the library’s Teen Advisory Board on Mar. 21-29. In addition, the annual clay-creation Empty Bowls fundraiser at Washingtonville High School is on Mar. 2

CAPTIONS 1 & 2:  The gymnasium at Washingtonville’s Taft Elementary School was transformed into an art gallery on Feb. 7 for the school’s annual art show. (Photos by Eugenia Moskowitz)

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