Assemblyman Colin Schmitt Distributes Thousands of Additional PPE Masks and Hand Sanitizers to 99th Dist. Front Line

Assemblyman Colin Schmitt Distributes Thousands More PPE Masks and Hand Sanitizers to Front Line

Washingtonville, NY — (04/21/20) Assemblyman Colin J. Schmitt (R,C,I-New Windsor) over the last few days has distributed 1500+ additional PPE masks and bottles of hand sanitizer to front line responders and essential workers covering the 99th Assembly District plus surrounding areas.

This is on top of the over 10,000+ PPE masks and hundreds of bottles of hand sanitizer that Schmitt has already distributed to 99th Assembly District front line responders and essential workers and over 74,000 PPE masks processed through the Assemblyman’s office to other agencies for distribution including Orange and Rockland Counties.

While Assemblyman Schmitt is still currently on active duty with the Army National Guard for the COVID-19 mission, his wife Nikki Schmitt continues to oversee all distribution of these critical supplies during times he is on mission.

Front line responders and essential workers in need of PPE masks should contact or call 845-469-6929 with any additional requests.

Town of Blooming Grove Supervisor Robert Jeroloman stated, “The Town of Blooming Grove thanks Assemblyman Schmitt for his commitment to serving his district especially during this ongoing crisis. Assemblyman Schmitt has been working nonstop since the beginning of this crisis to help the community and protect his constituents. We appreciate his hard work and dedication.”

Pat Hines, Chief, Cornwall Fire Department stated, “Thank you to Assemblyman Colin Schmitt for providing us with a supply of N95’s and surgical masks. These have provided us an important bridge between when our supplier could provide our necessary PPE. We appreciate you putting first responders first and making our health and safety a priority during this ongoing crisis!”

Marcus Horrego, Town of Hamptonburgh Councilman, stated, “During the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Assemblyman Schmitt has delivered for the Town of Hamptonburgh and has truly prioritized the health and safety of our first responders. His donation of PPE to the agencies that serve the Hamptonburgh community is life-saving. It is so important to protect the health of our first responders on the front lines during this time. Together, we will get through these trying times.”

Francis Pierri, Vails Gate Fire Department Member stated, “On behalf of the department, we’d like to thank Assemblyman Schmitt for answering our call for help and delivering safety masks for the Vails Gate Fire Department during this ongoing crisis. Assemblyman Schmitt’s continued support and commitment to ensuring that all first responders are protected and safe is certainly noteworthy. Thank you for all that you do!”

George Lyons, Town of Goshen Councilman and Goshen Ambulance Corps, stated, “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Assemblyman Schmitt for his much needed donation of PPE to our first responders here in the Town of Goshen. We are proud of all of his hard work and efforts to keep everyone safe and healthy especially those working on the front lines of this crisis.”

Village of Monroe Mayor Neil Dywer stated, “The Village of Monroe would like to thank Assemblyman Schmitt for his generous support of our first responders and essential personnel at this time. We greatly appreciate his efforts to keep everyone in the community safe and healthy, even outside of his own district. Thank you for your hard work and efforts!”

Carrie Massari, Town of Newburgh Ambulance Corps, stated, “The Town of Newburgh Ambulance would like to personally thank Assemblyman Schmitt for the donation of PPE to our agency. We reached out to him over the weekend and within hours, he showed up in person to hand deliver safety gear for us. Though a pandemic is something we never wished for, COVID-19 has brought us together as a community and we are thankful for that!”

Kyle Shorette, President, Town of Montgomery Ambulance Corps stated, “Thank you to Assemblyman Schmitt for donating PPE to the Town of Montgomery Ambulance Corps. Assemblyman Schmitt has gone above and beyond to help every agency in his district and although we only cover a small portion of the 99th district – he did not forget about us. We really appreciate his efforts to help keep our first responders safe and protected during this crisis.”

John Salka, Chief, South Blooming Grove Fire Department, stated, “Special thanks to Assemblyman Colin Schmitt for his crucial donation of PPE to the South Blooming Grove Fire Department. This safety equipment is very hard to come across right now and we are grateful that Assemblyman Schmitt was able to spare some for our department. Thank you for your continued support!”


Chief John Salka, South Blooming Grove Fire District

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