Assemblyman Colin Schmitt Backs Up CE Neuhaus Demand to Begin Phase I


Washingtonville, NY — (05/22/20) Assemblyman Colin J. Schmitt (R,C,I-New Windsor) today called on Governor Cuomo to immediately start the phased reopening of the Hudson Valley, supporting the formal request made by County Executive Steven Neuhaus.  

The Hudson Valley reopening has been continually pushed back while most areas of the state have already started the phased reopening sequences. Orange County has made a formal request to the Governor to immediately begin phase 1 of reopening. 

Assemblyman Colin J. Schmitt stated, “I fully concur with and second the formal request made by County Executive Steven Neuhaus to immediately commence the phase 1 reopening for the Hudson Valley.

The COVID-19 health crisis has certainly been unprecedented and precautions taken have saved lives. Using the best information we have we must move forward into the long term economic and community recovery.

As outlined by County Executive Neuhaus Orange County and the Hudson Valley region have the resources in place to begin reopening businesses and start resuming normal day-to-day life functions while taking proper health and safe precautions.

Our industries and businesses are suffering. Many already may not come back. The constriction of commerce opportunities and activities only exacerbates the physical and mental health crisis. We have overflowing big box stores because that is the only commerce allowed. Let’s bring our main street businesses back. Let’s open up more activities that may be limited to help spread the concentration of individuals out who are doing things on a daily basis any way and ensure people can get back to work and a sense of normalcy.

All procedures, policies and safety valves are in place to ensure we keep moving forward safely. I am assured our local emergency management and health teams are prepared for reopening and to continue our battle against COVID-19.

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