Black Rock Invasives Strike Force

Black Rock Forest is holding an “Invasives” learning opportunity about  invasive species.  It’s being provided through the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference! This Standard Surveyor Workshop is being held on June 27 from 9AM to 11AM, and the first portion is online.

Invasive plants cause problems for our environment and make the habitat less usable by our native birds and butterflies. In the first-level course, participants are trained to become an Invasives Strike Force Standard Surveyor by learning how to identify and record the presence of invasive plants for future removal efforts.

After completion of training, they  are assigned to a trail section about 2 miles long in a preferred park or preserve, where they will be expected to identify and map commonly found invasive plants. Surveying work is expected to be complete by summer’s end.

To register, or for more information please click the link bellow:…/info%3Fid%3D10561%26amp%3Breset%3D1

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