PHASE 4 – When and What

What Will Phase 4 Bring?

No region of New York has yet been cleared by state officials to enter Phase 4, the last stage of the reopening outlined by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, but if the Mid Hudson holds solid on its COVID statistics staying as low as they are now, Phase 4 could come in a little over a week.

In broad terms, officials have signaled that businesses that provide the arts, entertainment and recreation, as well as schools, will be allowed to open in this phase. But with no part of the state in it yet, officials have not been specific about what will be allowed.

Some of the businesses that have not been allowed to reopen during the first three phases of the process include: Event venues for large gatherings, Gyms and fitness centers, Casinos, Movie theaters, Amusement parks, aquariums, zoos, arcades, bowling alleys and other entertainment centers.  Also still restricted are spa treatments that require removal of a face mask. Our area may find out whether these restrictions are going to be removed 2 weeks after the beginning of Phase 3.  That will be on July 7….if current virus limits hold.

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