Popular Artist’s Quarantine Mural Moving To New Site

Popular Artist’s Quarantine Mural Moving To New Site

A mural up on a hillside in Salisbury Mills painted in precise detail during 3 months of quarantine by artist Peter Olsen has been admired and talked about by many over the past 4 months.  Drivers going up and down the Route 94 corridor from the southern part of Orange County to the Newburgh area could hardly wait each day to glance up and see what new element Peter had added.  Talking to him at press time he said that while the truck had to be moved from the Salisbury Mills spot he has already been in contact with several other possible places where it would get good visibility, and possibly even another painting on the other side.  He said that being an out-of-work painter and in quarantine when the pandemic started he wanted to do something positive and uplifting for the community.

Peter’s brother Joseph Olsen wrote the accompanying poem.

Stay tuned for news of where this beautiful mural, which touchingly shows the importance of using masks as the virus fails to penetrate and infect the child, finds its new resting place.

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