WHS Class of 2020 Parade – Once A Wizard, Always a Wizard

By Edie Johnson

The Village of Washingtonville always seems to have a way of taking something simple and turning it into something very special. Maybe that’s why they call themselves the “Washingtonville Wizards”. They certainly outdid themselves today with a Graduation Parade that brought out just about the entire town.

A pre-parade of First Responders with emergency sounds filling the air in strings of playful beeps and escalating sirens escorted the hundreds of cars into the Village along Route 94, each car decorated to the hilt. Local Police performed some wizardry of their own keeping traffic moving smoothly throughtout the morning.

About half of the Parade vehicles had a sunroof which worked perfectly for the grads to stand up, experience the cheering crowds and wave back. Some were simply respectful and respectable, others were outrageous and ranged all the way from bubble blowing to antique cars to boom box rap filling the air, and even a sunbather. All were happy and appreciative of the crowds that stood along the route for nearly an hour and a half of baking sun in nearly 90 degree heat, cheering, hooting, whistling, waving their hands and clapping in support. Many of the graduates circled back through the village center an hour later, waving again, some proudly showing off their newly received diplomas.

For those who wondered whether a Car Parade could show the Class of 2020 the kind of appreciation and respect they earned for what was a year of particular struggle, it was a huge success, and there were more than a few teary eyes along the route.The Village honored the Washingtonville High School Class of 2020…..WHO STUDIED AT HOME TO SAVE LIVES……and received their heroes’ welcome in return.

WHS Class of 2020 Graduation

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