Renovations Continue at Delano-Hitch Stadium

Newburgh – The City began site improvements at Delano-Hitch Stadium in early summer and this week the team reached a milestone in the restoration of this historic site. On Tuesday a contractor began work on the main diamond’s infield which will be leveled. Repairs will be made to the field’s irrigation system as well. The space will get new infield mix and sod which will ensure safety for players. Next, the outfield will be power-raked, leveled, fine-raked, and then soil will be added followed by hydroseeding later in the season. The City will use a portable soil screening plant at the site which will save money by filtering and reusing the existing soil throughout the process.

These improvements are part of a series of renovations that will modernize this site which Newburghers have enjoyed for over 100 years. City residents will have expanded access to outdoor space and the park will be able to accommodate more recreation options for youth. The site’s new design will allow it to be more efficiently managed by the City. Earlier this summer, the City removed sections of fencing to expand select areas into a larger multi-field park and repaired the irrigation systems in multiple fields in preparation for summer temperatures.

The park was closed in the Spring as a precautionary measure due to COVID-19. Renovations will be completed later this year and the park will re-open for the 2021 season. The 26-acre Delano-Hitch Recreation Park off of Washington Street includes a 2,000 capacity baseball stadium, a soccer field, a men’s softball diamond, three little league baseball diamonds, four basketball courts, an Aquatic Center, two playgrounds, horseshoe pitches, a soccer/football field, a 1,870-square foot skateboard park, the Fast Pitch Softball Hall of Fame, and the multi-purpose Activity Center.

(Photos by Bob McCormick)

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