New Book Helps Children Cope With Stress & Anxiety

Trouble looms for many children affected by anxiety just as Chicken Little was convinced the sky is falling. Just released last week, ‘ Chicken Little, Come Out, The Sky is Not Falling’ is a charming story of barnyard animals who seek to escape from the barn and take part in the outside world.  Told in simple language with illustrations the book helps children learn the words to express their fears, and learn that working together they can develop coping skills to help themselves. The book describes warning signs that children are experiencing anxiety including rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, sweating, stomachache and headache.  Calming techniques and coping skills are explained by the animals. These skills can be taught to the children by their parents and used as needed.  Resources for parents and kids is provided in the back of the book for further information.  Written before the coronavirus pandemic, very timely.

Dr. Sharen Casazza MD, founder of Washingtonville Pediatrics, met with 3 colleagues, Dr. Michele Winchester-Vega, a psychiatric social worker with a large mental health practice in New Windsor, Corinne Varnavides , a school social worker, and Katie Helpley, a family and child therapist, to brainstorm the book.  Two local young artists, Dori Skelton and Elle Svoboda were engaged to illustrate the book and created eye catching scenes. 

Chicken Little, Come Out, The Sky Is Not Falling is a helpful read for all parents of young children.  Children will be able to memorize and recite the book, even before they can read.

The Author’s goal in writing the book is to reach out to children and parents in need.  All profits from the book will be donated to Kidz4Causes, a local charity created and managed by local students who seek to make a difference.  The book can be ordered on 

Story and photos by Dr. Sharen Casazza

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