Artist Peter Olsen Holds A Pandemic Mural Competition

Artist Peter Olsen Holds A Pandemic Mural Competition

Young Artists Are Catching The Semi Mural Painting Bug
Remember Peter Olsen and the tractor trailer that sat on a Salisbury Mills hillside with drawings of a child fighting CVID germs whole people “Oooo’d  and Ahhh’d as they drove by”?  Peter’s tractor trailer went to Middletown where it now stands at The Emporium Square Artisan Market (in the former Playtogs Plaza) where he has joined their art studio, and last week he set up a competition for young artists with a flair for painting murals. The competing artists came from all over Orange County to watch and participate in a first ever “Pandemic Mural Competition”.

 Peter said “This was a great start for these amazing young artists, who are all extremely talented. What amazing pieces that are being created here, history in the making, each one with their very own unique style and they are doing such a great job, I’m proud of them all.

Thank you everyone who came out in support at Emporium Square and who continue to support theses young artist, keeping art alive! See for more information about his projects


Arlan Thornquist, Age 19, Garrison, NY; Mural “Isolation” Instagram @4.lando
Marcello Laudato, Age 18, Washingtonville, Mural “We Fight This Together!”
                    Instagram: @marcellomarshmello
Adrian Vazquez, Age 14, Newburgh,  Mural “The Real Threat?” Facebook: @Joaydeb Solisvaz
Mariska Mathiasen, Age 14, Highland, Mural “Entangled” Instagram: @artbyherself
Jolisa Podolsky, Age 17, Goshen, Mural name is being worked on: Instagram: @joho_inks

Isabella Dorozynski, Age 19, Rock Tavern, Mural “Believe”: Instagram; @izzys.creative

Sarah Hartstein, Age 20, Middletown, Mural “Compassion”: Instagram: @sarahartsteinart

Angel Raishevich, Age 16, Chester, Mural: “Unmasked Hero”: Instagram: @artis.angell

Follow on Instagram: @peter_g_olsen_artworks so that when the Instagram contest begins everyone can easily start voting. My Passion Shines Colors! (The show is Sponsored by:,,

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