Meth Lab Found In Town of Newburgh

An investigation led to police arriving at this home on a quiet street Sunday morning. Newburgh Town and NY State Police descended on the home. Neighbors .. who would not go on camera .. said they were shocked when they woke up to all the commotion at seven o’clock in the morning. They say they witnessed investigators in hazmat protective suits coming in and out of the home. Some were hauling out large bags of evidence. A large New York State Police trailer was seen parked on the front lawn. State Police and Town Police were on the scene for about six hours, into the early afternoon. A neighbor says a man believed to be in his sixties lives alone in the house. The man apparently owns an oil company. A truck parked in the driveway reads “Affron Fuel Oil, Inc,  Providing Worry Free Warmth for 70 Years.”

Stephen Affron was later arrested on Monday, for allegedly running the lab.

(Story and photos Submitted by Mark Lieb and Bob McCormick)

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