Happy April Showers For Beaver Dam Lake Residents

 Beaver Dam Lake residents could not be happier for the rain the Lake has received over the past 10 days.  Refilling the lake after a massive dam rebuild was expected to take longer, but with the rainy days and storm showers we have seen lately (and the DEC’s agreement to waive limits on the initial 6-inch per day limitation on filling), it is already looking like a lake again.

At the rate it’s progressing it looks like there will be some great summer lake activities this year!

Erica Dahl, Chair of the Lake Advisory Committee, shared the official DEC refill plan, which is as follows:

  • First Hold Period: At approximately 19ft (see diagram below), there will be a 3 week hold period while the dam is inspected. With all the rain we are getting, we expect to already be at this hold point by early this week. The purpose of this hold is to allow the phreatic surface (earth around the embankment and spillway) to reestablish within the structure.  Visual inspections will be completed by the DPW during this time. The good news is that the faster we get to the hold point, the faster we get beyond it.  
  • Continue Refill: After the 3 weeks, assuming no significant issues are observed, the lake will continue refilling to the second hold point of approximately 28ft.
  • Second Hold Period: Once at 28 ft, the lake level will be held for an additional 3 weeks for further inspections.At this point, the lake will appear to be completely full and most will not notice the lake being held the final time (see diagram below).  
  • Continue lake refill to crest of Dam (approx. 28.5 ft). At this point the lake refill will be complete with water flowing over the fuse gates.
  • Regular inspections will continue for one year after the lake reaches its normal level.

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