Washingtonville Ice Hockey Club Celebrates Their Seniors

On Friday 3/19, WIHC honored nine of their Seniors ahead of the last home Varsity game of regular season.  Each player was recognized singly and with their families.  The Club, better known as the Wizards, includes players from the Washingtonville, Warwick, Goshen and surrounding area school districts.  The team went on to beat Orange County West (OCW) by a score of 4-3 and will now face them again in the Finals scheduled for the weekend of 4/9.  Special thanks to Mike Leahy of Ice Time for his assistance with this event and. Washingtonville hockey supporters are wishing  all the best to their team in the Championship Round and beyond.

Caption 1 -All 9 seniors left to right:

Luc Boudreau (WVHS), Nolan Sheeran (WHS), Robert Krafft (WHS), Zach Den Bleyker (WHS), Robbie Cann (WVHS), Shane Lawlor (AHS), John Rufrano (WVHS), Daniel Hewitt (WHS), and Mark Ferry (WVHS)

Caption 2 – Washingtonville High School Seniors, names from left to right are:

Zach Den Bleyker, Robert Krafft, Daniel Hewitt, and Nolan Sheeran

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