The trash pile at Gonzaga Park started growing again, and it was on Earth Day.

Several weeks ago we showed where vandals had piled trash heaps along a half mile stretch of Seven Springs Road (directly across from the Gonzaga Park entrance at the border of Monroe and Kiryas Joel and near the Blooming Grove border).  The Monroe Highway Department cleaned up the mess.  This has been a frequently reoccurring problem and is very costly to clean up.  

Public outrage that one of the area’s most prominent eastern tourism entrances to county parkland has continued and prompted an increase in surveillance.  Just two weeks later it happened again. But this time the trasher was caught in the act by an observant Monroe-Woodbury school bus driver who is also an Assistant Chief in the Woodbury Fire Department.  Not only was there a citation issued, the man seen below in the U-Haul truck was taken into State Police custody and returned to clean up every bit of the mess.

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