BREAKING NEWS! OC Legislature Passes 2 Historic & Environmental Bills

By Edie Johnson

Tonight’s Orange County Legislature Session passed a resolution on sale of 3 historic buildings on Grand Street in Newburgh for future development to what is become what is sometimes known as an “Urban Resort”. The historic buildings include the architecturally significant Masonic Lodge, American Legion Hall, the YMCA, and a view of the Hudson River. The site is being designed for a hotel, boutique, restaurant and art gallery.

The Legislature also passed a resolution to officially create the Schunnemunk Rail Trail and front $1.8 M toward its purchase. The remainder of funding for its development is expected to come from state and federal government grants. The County has been working with the Orange County Land Trust and the Open Space Institute to bring this project to fruition. It will begin at Greycourt Rd. at the Chester/Blooming Grove Border and connect with the Heritage Trail there. The new portion will travel North and East through Blooming Grove and Washingtonville to the Moodna Trestle in Salisbury Mills at the Cornwall border. From there it can access the trailhead that goes up to the Schunnemunk Ridge and connects with the other significant Hudson Valley trail connections.

(Feature photo by Tom Lyons, Lyons Eye Photography)

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