Breaking News on PDR For Blooming Grove!

The Orange County Post has just received word from Assemblyman Colin Schmitt’s Chief of Staff, Taylor Weyeneth that Blooming Grove’s application for Home Rule of a PDR Program (Purchase of Development Rights) has moved forward! The message sent from them in Albany read:

“Assemblyman Schmitt unanimously passed PDR legislation with strong bipartisan support out of the local government’s committee on Monday. It is working its way through the legislative process now before the end of session. I will report back when the final passage occurs.”

Both Assemblyman Colin Schmitt and Senator James Skoufis have worked hard for the past two years to get this accomplished.

A Purchase of Development Program allows a municipality to assess a minimal real estate transfer fee, usually about .75 percent, that can be kept in a fund specifically devoted to protecting land considered especially environmentally important, either by purchasing it as Open Space, or by purchasing the development rights from a farmer who makes a contract to not develop it. This can be very helpful to enable continued farming/agricultural use and/or purchasing important environmental swaths of land. The towns of Goshen and Warwick have used PDRs with great success as part of their conservation program.

Stay tuned for notice when the passage is formally announced!

We note that the message says they expect it to work its way before the end of the legislative session, which is expected to be within the next 2 days

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