Wall Of Honor Coming to Washingtonville

Assemblyman Colin Schmitt has announced that the Washingtonville Village Hall will be displaying the 99th Assembly District Veterans Traveling Wall of Honor for the next several weeks. The Traveling Wall of Honor pays tribute to 17 local veterans who are inductees of the inaugural 99th Assembly District Veterans Hall of Fame.  The wall was constructed and supported by Carpenters Local 279 and Laborers Local 17. For those interested in viewing the Wall of Honor can visit Washingtonville Village Hall at 9 Fair Lawn Dr, Washingtonville, NY 10992.

Assemblyman Schmitt stated, “Each and every time that the Traveling Veteran’s wall of Honor finds a new home, it becomes the focal point for communities to honor and remember our heroic veterans from across our district. Love of country, courage, and devotion is on full display and our neighbors have the ability to bring their families to the Wall of Honor and pay tribute. Thank you to the Washingtonville Village Hall for hosting the Wall of Honor and for their efforts in making this possible.”

Mayor Joseph Bucco, Village of Washingtonville stated, “The Village of Washingtonville is honored to host Assemblyman Schmitt’s 99th Assembly District Wall of Honor. Following the 4th of July celebrations this past weekend, there is no better time to come and honor the men and women who served our nation, maintaining our independence and fighting for all of our freedoms. Thank you Assemblyman Schmitt for continuing this tradition and for giving the people of Washingtonville the opportunity to bring their families to remember and honor our veterans.” To request to have the Wall of Honor on display at your location, please contact Assemblyman Schmitt’s district office at 845-469-6929 or schmittc@nyassembly.gov.

Caption: Assemblyman Schmitt is pictured from left to right with Trustee Jim Kolar, the Assemblyman, Mayor Joseph Bucco, Joan Oram Village Hall Employee, former Trustee Paul Lang, and Trustee Laudato.

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