A Treasured Piece of History

“When the last sons of the old mill
look upon Moodna’s banks no more.
 May we still recall Firthcliffe
and the “hollow”,
 Happy days of yore.”

By Bob McCue

Firthcliffe Station was built in the 1880s and originally named Montana. Firth Carpet Company came to Cornwall also in the 1880s when they bought an abandoned textile mill along the bank of Moodna Creek.

The station was renamed Firthcliffe and went through a remodeling that gave it a queen Anne style look. Part of this was stained glass in the waiting room and agents office. The office had a fireplace and large bay window. In 1957, after many years of declining business, the Ontario and Western railway folded. The last station agent was a lady named Phyllis Merrill. The station sat empty until a fire destroyed it in September of 1963.

Because  my family grew up in Firthcliffe and worked at Firth Carpet,  the station and hairpin highway underpass next to it was part of our family stories growing up. Having a surviving window sash from the station that my grandfather saved, I set my mind to exploring the station site this past spring, and my first digs unearthed glass from the bay window. Making a mini frame for it was a labor of love.

Now, for the first time in 60 years, daylight is shinning through the glass again.

Anyone interested in additional history about Firthcliffe can order it on Amazon or contact Bob at robertmccue65@hotmail.com

Caption 1. Artwork by Bob McCue made of stained glass arranged in a Firthcliffe Station sash

Caption 2 -Photo of Firthcliffe and construction of the underpass with Ontario and Western Railway Historical Society…

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