Orange Lake Drawdown Nears Completion

By Edie Johnson

Monroe/Blooming Grove – Examination of the dam and sluice at Orange Lake on Museum Village Road showed damage that has required the water level to be lowered for repairs. The process was delayed last year due to COVID, but began in earnest this past week.  While the lake and dam are located in Monroe, the water discharges under the roadway into Blooming Grove, and there was some early concern over the ability of the culvert to handle the discharge. But this week the drawdown proceeded to lower the lake water successfully by 80%, and without incident, and new box culvert is included in the final completion plans. Blooming Grove Superintendent, Rob Jeroloman noted that they repairs were necessary due to Hurricane Irene and other storms, and were done with NYS DEC and Army Corps permits. Damage could be clearly seen during this week’s work, confirming that the drawdown and repairs were necessary.

A local environmental advocate kept a close eye on the work and said that no wildlife was hurt, though local anglers made the best of the water depletion and had successful fishing for all 5 days.

1 – At the curve in Museum Village Road halfway between Route 17M and Route 208, Orange Lake has a spillway and culvert. The Lake is currently being drawn down in order to repair the dam wall.

2 – Culverts were near capacity flow this week

3 – The main culvert runs under Museum Village Road and empties on the other side.

4 – Anglers had the benefit of easy fishing during the lake’s water removal.

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