Townhouse Plan In Washingtonville Will Save Historic House

By Edie Johnson

A group of about 30 Village of Washingtonville residents attending Tuesday’s first in-person Planning Board  Session of the year were relieved to hear news about a development project planned for property on the opposite side of North Street from the historic Brotherhood Winery. 

Historic Brotherhood Winery

Their main concern has been that they believed six townhouse units would not at all fit in an area of the village with attractive Mid Century and older homes, especially a Victorian house at the front of the property that dates back to 1810, and they were adamantly opposed to an earlier option that included demolition of the house. But apparently the developer’s architect had taken earlier comments by the board and the public to heart, and with agreement of the developer had made some significant changes.

North Street House built in 1810 is in front of planned townhouses

The new plan includes 6 townhouse units.  It will save the house, preserve the ‘historicity’ of it’, and will not make any major changes to it other than relatively minor upgrades for the interior.  The design of the townhouses themselves also included modifications.  There will be a 50 ft. frontage between them and the existing house and sit back well from North Street and on a lower grade. Space will also remain unused behind the historic house. Their front will have a 2-story look and will fit in with the look of existing downtown Village buildings. There are 2 driveway cuts planned onto North Street. Fire access will be evaluated by the fire department.  It will have an underground sprinkler system.  Pending are still a stormwater design and traffic plan. A revised SEQRA and EAF have to be completed before the plan can go to the ZBA for several variances, including front and side setbacks as well as an area variance.

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