Cornwall Wins 3-1 Over NFA Soccer

Both players and the cheering section were thrilled to be back in and watching the game this past week.  Lynn Fern covered the game and said that you couldn’t miss the cheering section, “one you couldn’t miss even if you closed your eyes..bright colors, loud chants of “you can’t do that”, music, smiles, laughter and lots of “we love Ethan” going on! An unassisted goal by Johnny Germain in the first half that brought the first roar. Tough defense shutting down the All American Javier Rodriguez (still amazing to watch)! Two more goals, an incredible goal assisted by Germain to Connor Zatlukal that didn’t even appear to be heading into the goal, but what a bend. And, a one on one with the goalie by Ethan Krakowka from Logan Leonard.

Cornwall dominated possession throughout the entire game. with a 3 – 1 win over NFA! (Photos and story by Lynn Fern)

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