Patriots’ Day Remembered

By Edie Johnson

With one of the largest concentrations of retired firemen and police officers in New York, Washingtonville, New Windsor, and the Village of South Blooming Grove still have many retired first responders who served on 9/11. Many still have both physical and emotional wounds.  They take their brotherhood very seriously and so do families and friends living in these and surrounding communities.  It is therefore no surprise that hundreds of residents showed up at the various memorial services held on Saturday’s Patriot’s Day. In South Blooming Grove, former Mayor Jim LoFranco and former Trustee John Hickey recalled the process they went through resulting in the village’s beautiful memorial monument with a piece of twin towers steel embedded. They then read the names of those who lost their lives on 9/11. 

See this week’s Orange County Post-Sentinel with lots more photos of Remembrance 9/11 Ceremonies.

A village gathering was held by the  current mayor and trustees on Sunday. Washingtonville had the largest crowd, attendees included attendees standing nearby with their reflections echoing from the surface of their beautiful monument. Local officials, some attending several services showed their respects.  New Windsor’s  Ceremony included the stunning Orange County Pipe and Drum Corps. who played “Amazing Grace”. Supervisor George Meyers, announced the uncovering of a new memorial bench, and  Mary K. Messenger sang “God Bless America”. The City of Newburgh’s Ceremony, not for the faint of heart, began at 8:30 a.m. commemorating the moment of tragedy when the first plane hit the World Trade Center exactly 20 years ago. The gatherings were all solemn, but reflected a beautiful brotherhood and sense of community. (Photos by Bob McCormick, Johanna Kiernan, and Edie Johnson)

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