Schmitt Weighs In On $27M Aid For Immigrants – Calls For Taxpayer Disaster Assistance

Assemblyman Colin Schmitt released the following statement urging for the immediate addition to the federal disaster declaration of individual assistance for families and businesses impacted by Hurricane Ida.  This follows the federal government’s action to enable more local governments across the Hudson Valley to receive assistance and Governor Hochul’s announcement that $27 million in state storm aid assistance would be provided to illegal immigrants. Following the federal government not aiding individuals affected by the Hurricane, many Hudson Valley residents and businesses are left without assistance to cover the damages incurred during the storm. While members of the community; families, and businesses suffer due to the devastation from Hurricane Ida, illegal immigrants across the state will be granted assistance instead. Schmitt stated, “After relentless local and state pressure the federal government has finally included more parts of the Hudson Valley within the major disaster declaration. Sadly, Orange, Putnam, and Dutchess County homeowners and business owners are still forgotten. Individual Assistance has yet to be authorized in those areas. I have been to several constituents’ homes impacted by this weather event and heard from many others. As Sean Maloney takes a victory lap, he seems to have forgotten the families and small business owners still suffering. Instead of taking care of our taxpaying constituents, families, and small businesses, illegal immigrants will be given money instead. We have families and businesses who have been suffering for nearly 2 years due to the COVID pandemic, and following a devastating storm, instead of taking care of our taxpaying constituents, the state has decided to play a game of political theatre. It is a disgrace.”

Schmitt also stated, “I will continue to press the federal government to do its job and fully assist every homeowner and business owner in the Hudson Valley still looking for help. Any local resident or business owner who is still in need of assistance from the federal government is encouraged to reach out so we can advocate on your behalf and ensure you are not forgotten following the half measures announced this week.”

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