No One Fights Alone!

By Michele Wing

New Windsor Community Pulls Together For Jett “Macho” Diaz

It was a crisp and foggy fall morning last Saturday, but the New Windsor Little League Complex on Cedar Avenue was warm with community spirit, support and love for one of its younger residents.  Jett “Macho” Diaz, a 13 year old boy from New Windsor, was recently diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and the New Windsor/Newburgh communities responded with the rallying cry that “No One Fights Alone”.

An astounding number of more than 1100 people crowded onto the grounds of the little league fields to prepare for a 5K “Jog for Jett” event. Newburgh classmates, teammates, and travel baseball teams from several counties, made their way to the fields where Jett grew up playing baseball.  Sponsorship was strong and evident with raffles, live DJ music, a food vendor, water bottles offered along the race route and countless hours of organizing by a legion of volunteers including Jett’s travel baseball Coach, Joe Voltaire who spearheaded the event.

James Diaz, Jett’s fatherand a teacher and baseball coach in the Newburgh School District, addressed the crowd prior to the race saying, “We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support for Jett.” He added, “Jett is a brave guy. He’s got a big fight ahead of him but he’s not battling alone.”  Later he and his wife, Patty sat with Jett in the driveway of their home and graciously greeted the runners, joggers and walkers as they passed by.

The link for donations to aid the Diaz family through the 5K race has been closed at the request of Mr. Diaz but the OCP will keep readers informed of Jett and his journey.

Photos by Michele Wing


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