Blooming Grove Councilwoman Sonia Ayala Appreciations On Retirement

“It has been an honor and privilege to represent the 4th Ward in the Town of Blooming Grove for the past 4 years.  I would like to thank the residents for putting their trust in me to represent them.

I am moving away from the area and starting a new chapter in my life with my family.

It has been a pleasure working with my town council colleagues, Supervisor, Highway Superintendent, Town Clerk, Receiver of Taxes, and Town staff. 

Daughter Allison and Husband David Ayala Offer Flowers and Appreciations (Photos by Edie Johnson)

This Town Board worked as a team and put the best interests of our constituents first when making decisions.  We accomplished so much in the past 4 years and I wish the Town Board members many successes in the next two years.

I am not saying good bye but see you later.

I recommend that this Town Board be for 4-year terms and staggered. There is no other municipality in Orange County that the terms for Town Board expires at the same time. When the Wards were created in 2017, the Town Board inadvertently created 2-year terms resulting in having the entire board expiring at the same time.

My recommendation is that the Town Board moves forward with 4-year terms and staggered for Town Board so that only two positions are up for election at a time.

At the close of Tuesday night’s Town Board Session, Mrs. Ayala received two large bouquets, and both a few smiles and tears coming from tremendous pride in her accomplishments.

As Mrs. Ayala shared with residents and her fellow board members that she is leaving the area with her family at the end of the month one after another of the board members thanked Sonia for her extraordinary years of service, and commented that they all have worked exceptionally well together, despite (or perhaps because of ) the different background,  political leanings and different perspectives they have had to share, noting that this board is one that benefits greatly from its diversity,.  Ayala is in fact so well liked and respected that Councilman Chuck Quick qupped several times that he would not accept her resignation. Several board members thanked her particularly for her political acumen, and her knowledge of local and state connections and how they work. Councilman Steven Amante thanked her for helping educate them all saying “There is some knowledge that doesn’t come from a degree.”   Supervisor Rob Jeroloman thanked her for her help over the many years they have worked together, and said he was accepting her resignation with regret.  During his years as Mayor of the Village of South Blooming Grove, Sonia sat as a Village Trustee, and participated  on the Zoning Committee, and the. Zoning Bord of Appeals before becoming a Town Councilwoman.  He added that there were is a long list of other contributions she has made both to committees, acting as a liaison,  and helping to obtain grants, both at the local and federal level., and that they will miss her.

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