Scouts of Newburgh Troop #4027 Hike 2,100 Miles On Appalachian Trail

Back toward the early part of 2021, three former scouts of Scout Troop #4027 of Newburgh decided to go for a walk during the COVID crisis.  And then they walked, and walked and walked!  In little more than 5 months the three young men walked from Georgia to Maine along the Appalachian Trail.  The trail is actually over 2100 miles long, and while on the way they had the adventures of a lifetime.  AquaDog, Savage, and Trainer, as they were called by their trail names on the trek are all experienced scouters. 

AquaDog is the middle son of a family in which all 3 boys have been in the troop over time.  Trainer is the third scout in this troop from his family.  Savage came into the troop when a friend of his invited him to join with him and has been on many camping trips.  They all have spent plenty of time in the woods, honing their skills and learning their equipment that prepared them for this adventure.  Their camping experiences have included all types of weather including, Freeze O Rees, canoeing, survival skill practices, and doing Eagle projects to have the opportunity to share these experiences with others. 

A Note From “AquaDog”

The Appalachian Trail begins at Springer Mountain, Georgia. Each year thousands of hikers summit this mountain in an attempt to complete the entire trail. To the surprise of many, the majority of these hikers start alone! It is extremely difficult to find a friend that is willing to sacrifice home commitments and live outside and hike for six months. Troop 4027 has somehow generated three scouts with this special type of crazy. Colton, Corey, and I embarked on this expedition together. Growing up we were young and enthusiastic, always looking for a hike a little longer and more challenging. We finally convinced our parents to let us go on our very first day hike alone in Harriman state park. Shortly after, it was our first overnight camping trip alone, then a weekend trip, after that it was a winter backpacking trip at the age of 16. In a blink of an eye, I was telling my parents that I wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail! Scouting has helped me realize that there is no mountain unreachable, I just need perseverance and a dream. 

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