Blooming Grove – New Windsor – Chester – Monroe – Cornwall

By Edie Johnson

A rebuild of the dam and lengthy overflow channel on Museum Village Road that helps control the water flow from Orange-Rockland Lake is near completion.  The dam is located at the border of Blooming Grove, Monroe and also near the Chester border where this very large lake sits near one of the biggest interchanges with Route 17 in the area and an area densely populated  with both residents and businesses.

With climate change seemingly on the doorstep of municipalities in the eastern portion of Orange County, this new dam, along with another new dam at Beaverdam Lake (New Windsor, Cornwall, and Blooming Grove), has potential to  prevent severe flooding that has been experienced in the area several times in recent years.  Experts say that control of the sluice can let some water out ahead of a storm surge and  may be an important control measure to either limit or eliminate damage in the area.

The lake has been a popular recreation area for many years, including Goosepond Park trail visitors, water skiers, and many who come to visit the swans, ducks, pigeons and turtles that thrive there.

A large culvert drains excess water underneath Museum Village Road and into the woods where a creek on the Blooming Grove side of the road will connect with the dam via a second box culvert that Blooming Grove has out for bid and can prepare to install.

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