Kevindaryán Luján Takes Oath For Second Legislative Term

By Michael Lebron

Back in November, voters resoundingly decided to return Kevindaryán Luján to Goshen for a second term as Orange County Legislator.

On Sunday, January 2, 2022, the Inauguration ceremony took place at 123 Grand Street before a large group of community members on a chilly afternoon on the lawn in front of the Newburgh Heritage Center. It began with the changing of the colors with the Newburgh Free Academy ROTC, and the national anthem sung by Christine Shoshannah, a local Newburgh vocalist. The lineup of speakers started with former Ward 2 City of Newburgh Councilwoman Genie Abrahams, who conducted the opening prayer. City of Newburgh Historian Mary McTamaney spoke briefly the historical significance of the Old Court house. Also among the speakers was Mayor Torrance Harvey.

After the swearing in, administered by City of Newburgh Court Judge Joanne Matthews Forbes, Kevindaryán spoke of his accomplishments to date, having to do with racial justice, criminal justice reforms, health equity issues and providing more accessibility to education and workforce development. Millions of dollars have been invested in repairs to county roads and bridges, and into tourism, as well as into SUNY Orange, all while not raising the burden on the taxpayer.

But challenges remain for the future. Among them are navigating out of the global pandemic, finding tools to cope with the rising cost of living and the lack of affordable housing across the region, and addressing the growing need for more adequate transportation options. He thanked his supporters and invited them to get involved in these and other issues confronting communities, helping to make the region a better place for all.

Caption: Legislator Kevindaryán Lujan’s swearing in, administered by City of Newburgh Court Judge Joanne Matthews Forbes

(Photo by Michael Lebron)

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