Skoufis Launches “Redefining Our Downtowns” Initiative, Awards $400K to Four Villages to Fund Local Enhancements

Senator James Skoufis (D-Hudson Valley) joined with officials from the villages of Chester, Washingtonville, Monroe, and Woodbury on Thursday to announce the launch of his $400,000 “Redefining Our Downtowns” initiative. Skoufis will award $100,000 grants to each of the villages to fund improvements that will enhance their “main streets.” Each of the villages have formed citizen committees to determine which projects are of highest priority. In Chester, the grant will fund new “Historic Chester” banners, garbage receptacles, lighting, flags, and more around Village Hall. In Monroe, officials hope to construct a train stop-style pavilion with new seating, walking trails, and a water fountain. The Washingtonville committee has identified
tree plantings along the highway and new lights along a well-traveled bridge as priority. And in Woodbury, officials are focused on the int rsection of Smith Clove Road and Perrone Circle, where they’ll install scroll-arm lamp posts with planters, as well as banners along Route 32. “No one knows what a community needs better than the folks who live and work there,” said Senator Skoufis. “As my team and I began to develop ways to make the greatest impact with the tax dollars we’re bringing back to Orange County this year, we knew that putting citizens at the center of the decision-making was the best possible approach. These are much more than
beautification projects – taken as a whole, they will improve quality of life for residents, boost pride in our local villages, and entice visitors for years to come. I am excited to see what these four communities generate through our new initiative.”
Village of Chester Mayor Christopher Battiato said: “The Village of Chester is very appreciativeof Senator Skoufis and his staff for their guidance and efforts in securing these funds. The Village Board and our constituents are very excited about these projects and we are grateful for the Senator’s continued support.”

Village of Monroe Mayor Neil Dwyer said: “It is the belief of our village that we will accomplish much more by finding opportunities to partner with government officials like Senator Skoufis and others. When good people come together for the good of others, there is no limit to what can be accomplished.” Village of Woodbury Mayor Andrew Giacomazza said: “The Village of Woodbury is grateful to
Senator Skoufis for introducing this exciting new initiative. With these funds, the village will be able to make some much-needed visual improvements to our downtown that will boost community pride and put our welcoming spirit on full display for visitors.”

Senator James Skoufis describes the benefits that these grands will offer Villages

Former Village of Woodbury Mayor Timothy P. Egan said: “I am grateful to Senator Skoufis for reaching out to me last year to coordinate this revitalization grant for $100,000 to the Village of Woodbury. I was very pleased to get our newly formed Revitalization Committee working together with the Town Beautification Committee on this much needed project. The improvements to the Smith Clove Road/Perrone Circle intersection will be integral to the future growth and beautification of downtown Central Valley. Thank you Senator Skoufis for bringing back our tax dollars for the betterment of our Woodbury Community!”

Mayor Joseph Bucco said “We are so very excited that the Village of Washingtonville was cosidered for the Downtown Revitalization! The Village of Washingtonville is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. Having the ability to “spruce up” our home to make it even more beautiful is such a welcome idea. Thanks to Senator Skoufis and his staff for the opportunity.”

Members from some of the villages’ citizen committees were also in attendance for the announcement.

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