Big Praise And Criticism From Gov. Cuomo Today. Election Boards Slammed. New Masks On The Way

Governor Cuomo’s daughter Michaela has teamed up with New York fashion designers to come up with new designs for maskwear. Will they be more effective, more comfortable, or just more attractive? Stay tuned

Governor Cuomo praised New York’s high testing and low COVID rates, attributing it to the state’s “Microcluster approach New York, he said does more testing than any other state and still has the 3rd lowest positivity rate.

He slammed New York City’s Election Board for poor performance on Early Election protocols, “They blew it”, adding that indeed they did get extra funding . He said that “No matter if you give a bad management team more money, it will not improve their performance. This is not the first time, the whole process should be redesigned.

He further blasted the Trump team saying the Mark Meadows’ statements this weekend are essentially “Pre-emptive capitulation.”

Some Great News After WCSD Bus Accident In New Windsor

Shared with: PublicToday members of New Windsor Emergency Medical Services and Police Department who responded to the tragic bus accident this week were honored to escort one of the patients, back home from Westchester Medical Center. We are so happy to have Shea as one our paramedics, he spent over an hour in the bus with her while extrication was being performed. @new_windsor_ems

Her Brownie Scout friends also made a banner and shouted cheers for her.

Their school bus driver, Andy Sanchez, has also made significant progress while his leg injuries were attended to. He had been placed in an induced coma and ventilator while the leg repairs were being made. The greater Washingtonville Community has begun a Go Fund Me for him which has to date raised $2,625. The driver of the Flannigan Tree Service truck is reportedly also in stable condition.

The ear to ear smile on this young gal’s face will warm the hearts and lift the spirits of hundreds who have been praying all week for her, and “Mr. Andy”.

NY Minority Leader Barclay Tours Blooming Grove & Woodbury

With Assemblyman Schmitt

On Tuesday, October 20, NYS Assemblyman Schmitt hosted NYS Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay and met with. Rob Jeroloman Supervisor of the Town of Blooming Grove to tour the Town’s water concerns and potential Open Spaces and Woodbury’s Mayor Timothy Egan for a tour of the Town of Woodbury’s Water/Sewer System. These events highlighted the most important basic need of any community – Water!  

Both Towns and their Villages are facing future water shortages, the very life of any community.

Assemblyman Schmitt announced at the beginning of this year that for the second year in a row the full bipartisan Orange County Assembly Delegation passed A.7699B, the Orange County Community Preservation Act. This legislation is the result of the Orange County Legislature’s unanimous request to authorize Orange County’s inclusion in the Hudson Valley Community Preservation Act.This legislation has significant and growing bi-partisan support from across the county and state including support from Preserve Chester, Preserve Blooming Grove, Orange County Land Trust, United Monroe, Town of Blooming Grove Town Board, Town of Warwick Town Board, Town of Chester Town Board, Orange County Legislature, The Nature Conservancy of New York, the American Farmland Trust, Environmental Advocates of New York and Scenic Hudson. 

Assemblyman Schmitt stated, “The Orange County Community Preservation Act is critical and necessary to protect our open space, water, farmland and preserve our natural resources. Ulster, Putnam and Westchester counties have all been authorized by the New York State Legislature into this critical preservation program. Now it is time that Orange County be given the same fair and equal treatment they have afforded to other counties. I am proud of my efforts to pass this legislation twice in the State Assembly and it is time for the State Senate to get the job done.”

Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay stated, “Assemblyman Colin Schmitt has been the leading voice for Hudson Valley community preservation in the State Assembly. He has tenaciously fought in bipartisan fashion to protect farmland, water and natural resources. I am happy to join him and Supervisor Jeroloman to see firsthand the direct impact this legislation would have on Blooming Grove and the 99th Assembly District. There is critical work to be done, and Colin’s efforts have and will continue to be essential for this community.”

Town of Blooming Grove Supervisor Robert Jeroloman stated,“It was a pleasure to lead Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay on a farmland and aquifer tour today with Assemblyman Colin Schmitt to highlight the importance of land and water preservation here in the Town of Blooming Grove. I appreciate the Assemblyman’s strong advocacy in Albany and bringing in the highest ranking officials to demonstrate just how important it is to preserve our land and natural resources in this region. Today was a step in the right direction for the future of our Town and I thank Assemblyman Schmitt for his continued efforts.”

The Town has had some water issues that  are compounded by the run-off from the salt used to deice steep slopes on roads in winter.  The Highway Department has switched to a molasses based de-icing formula which saves time, energy, money and pure water.  The tour included several areas of potential open spaces that the Conservation Preservation Act would protect for future generations. This bill would provide for a very small tax on newly purchased property,  the money from which will be used for the purchase of designated Open Space; an investment by the buyers in maintaining the rural beauty of the area.

Village of Woodbury Mayor Timothy Egan stated, “Today, I was proud to lead Assemblyman Schmitt and Leader Barclay on a tour of Woodbury water wells to discuss one of the biggest challenges we face in the village – water supply and sewer capacity. This is a great example of State and local governments working together to solve really important issues and I appreciate them taking the time to visit the Village of Woodbury.”

The Town of Woodbury’s Water/Sewer System is housed is its original building built in the early 1900’s.  Mickie Phillips, the Water Administrator showed the inner workings of the pump house. Currently Pump No. 1 is no longer operational and is by passed using Pumps 2 and 3.  The system, updated in the 1960’s desperately needs upgrading.   Currently all residents are with water but with the drain of surrounding community wells this may be short lived.  Local wells are dug to 400-600’ while surrounding wells are dug 900’ below the Aquafer potentially creating what is called “dead water”, that is water void of minerals essential to our health, such as calcium and magnesium.  Woodbury Mayor Timothy Egan stressed the need for funding this project to Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay especially with the new hotels and businesses planned for the Town of Woodbury.

Caption 1: Left to Right: Town of Blooming Grove Supervisor Robert Jeroloman, Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay, and Assemblyman Colin J. Schmitt 

Fall season Bringing Out Local Artists

By Edie Johnson

This week the Orange County leaves were in full color, and our area artists and photographers made the most of it. Each season the Moodna Trestle on the border of Cornwall and Blooming Grove sports some of the most spectacular art on the East Coast, and we pick our favorite.  Area photographers each took a different view and each was special in its own way, dozens showing up on social media, each one special in its own way.  This is one site where the visuals never get old.

Tom Lyons of Lyons Eye Photography is our pick of the week, but Scott Cavalari took some dark brooding shots that are as close to a tie as possible.  We’ll share his next week.

Newburgh Latino Community Plans Heritage Mural

Newburgh community members gathered at the City of Newburgh parking lot at the corner of Broadway and Grand Street, to celebrate the end of Hispanic Heritage month.  The group began the kick off of the future mural initiative on the side of the DMU Music building, at 86 Broadway.  Residents gathered in traditional clothing, brought flags, and other cultural items from their respective countries.  Face masks adorned with flags from different Latin American countries were donated by Rocio Silva, local business owner of Ramos Upholstery in Newburgh.  Brian Wolfe and Angela Montiel took photos in front of the site of the future mural and residents talked about what this project means for them.

The Newburgh Latino Heritage Mural Initiative will utilize the east facing side of the building which is 4 stories high.  The proposed mural will highlight Hispanic heritage and will be a warm, colorful welcome to those coming into the City of Newburgh from the riverfront.  Rene Campos, owner and President of DMU Music Inc.  was excited at the prospect of featuring the mural on the building.  “I have always wanted to do a mural on the DMU Music building to honor the legacy and contributions of Latin American Art and Culture. This year, it felt like the right time to finally get it started and I am very excited to see how many people are enthusiastic about this project.”

Kevindaryán Luján, Orange County Legislator, was on hand to celebrate the kick off.  “I believe this mural will be a great symbol of unity and diversity for the City of Newburgh as well as a great addition to the amazing art we are seeing across the city. I hope this project will inspire other artists and business owners to invest in the arts.”

“This mural is an important way for the Newburgh’s Hispanic community to share our culture with the entire City of Newburgh.  We look forward to the mural having an educational piece for our youth.  We want to ensure that the youth, not only learn about the cultural aspects, but also learn about the importance of art and the role it plays in the community and in the world,” stated Diana Campos, Chair of the Latino Heritage Mural Planning Committee.

“In today’s world, when so many people are tearing each other down, public art is an opportunity to build each other up. We know that public art enhances communities, but only by making them more vibrant and beautiful places to live, but has shown to decrease crime rate near well-lit murals, provides jobs for artists, promotes cultural awareness and leads to creative placemaking. Orange County Arts council proudly supports the upcoming Latino Heritage mural initiative and could not be more excited to work with the community on this project,” stated Sarah McKay, Executive Director of the Orange County Art Council

The Latino Heritage Mural is expected to begin in 2021 in partnership with Orange County Art Council. Anyone interested in volunteering, donating or learning more about the project canfollow the Newburgh Latino Heritage Mural page on Facebook or email them at – Donations are being accepted through Go Fund Me – Newburgh Latino Heritage Mural. Muralists that are interested in submitting their ideas for this project are welcome and the final design will be decided in 2021.

Kyle Honan Memorial Scholarship Kyle’s Heart Continues to Give

  Kyle Honan Heart to Heart Foundation made a donation of an Auto External Defibrillator ( AED)  to Clover Stables on Monday, October 19, 1010. The donation was made a day after what would have been Kyle’s 29 birthday.    Clover Stables has many children and young adults who take riding lessons and compete in shows . There is much joy and always some danger as well in equestrian activities. It is the mission of Kyle’s foundation to protect young hearts . 7000 kids die a year from Sudden Cardiac Arrest . It is our hope that these AED’S will help save young lives.  

Liz Honan  Kyle Honan Heart to Heart Foundation 

Kamil Sudol’s Road To Recovery 

Several months ago a young man, Kamil Sudol, suffered a devastating accident while diving.It resulted in months at Kessler Institute in West Orange, New Jersey.  Kamil has been beating the odds every day since, and has done so with quite the support team.  It includes family, friends like Taylor Moreau, her dad – New Windsor Councilman Steve Moreau, and a group of teens whose faces show just how deep the affection is between this tight knit group.They clearly will be there with and for him on the rest of this journey back to health. Here are some words from his friend, Taylor Moreau

“Many of you may have heard or seen our story and how it is unfolding. One day at a time, we see Kamil’s progress, whether it be small improvements, or just another day with his head held high. Kamil holds the most strength in any 21 year old man I have ever seen; it is not easy spending some of the “best years of your life” in a wheelchair weeks before your 21st birthday, and told you might never get the chance to get back on your feet.(While at Kessler his friends/fans peer through the window to cheer him on for his birthday.) Nonetheless, Kamil will not stop until he does! After spending long days in hospitals for the past 2 months, Kamil finally returned home healthy and happy this past weekend. He was welcomed by his parents and I, his two younger brothers, and his 3 dogs he missed so dearly, all in efforts to give him the most comforting moments as he entered his home very differently than he ever had before. It is overwhelming, it is emotional, and it is difficult. But, Kamil is the person who can take this challenge by the reins. Kamil had some close friends visit him the weekend he arrived home, too, which gave him the chance to laugh and get back to where he used to be! He is so glad to be home and on this road to recovery, and he is so happy to see the amount of people coming along the journey with him. Your support will take him measures; it is truly indescribable how grateful we are for those that have stood up next to Kamil to be by his side while he is needing it the most. It is very heartwarming to see Kamil home again, smiling, and feeling much more comfortable than he had in months. We are slowly getting back to where we used to be, and he is determined to get there fast! Again, thank you for all supporting us, day after day. We thank you and love you all!”

Little Britain School Bus Accident With Injuries 7 Injured Children Were Able To Walk Off The Bus. 3 Req’d. Immediate Hospital Attention

New Windsor/Washingtonville- In an official report from New Windsor Police Department’s Deputy Chief, Michael Farbent, he clarified that numbers of injured in this morning’s Washingtonville Central School District Little Britain bus accident are spreading on social media and many of the details are incorrect.  The preliminary Press Release is as follows but we are expecting more details within the next hour or two.

This morning at approximately 8:21 am there was an accident that involved a School Bus and work truck on Route 207 in the Town of New Windsor. Local emergency services and school district personnel quickly reported to the scene. Injuries were reported and those requiring further medical attention were taken to a local hospital. All parents have been notified

Many people are posting way off numbers about injuries and the types of injuries –We are waiting for confirmation of the condition on the 3 seriously injured individuals, but at least one child is believed to be seriously injured, and residents are being asked to pray for her. A vigil is planned at 4 o’clock at St. Mary’s tonight.

This is the current Official Total:

Three (3) people were hospitalized with injuries that required immediate medical attention

There were seven children on the bus – who walked off the bus and were brought to the hospital to be seen by medical professionals as per school protocol and good practices.

City of Newburgh CSC Meeting Will Be Zoom

Due to the current State of Emergency issued in the City of Newburgh, and in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the next meeting of the City of Newburgh Civil Service Commission is scheduled for Wednesday, October 21, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. and will be conducted through Zoom videoconference and will be livestreamed to the public via the City’s webpage as well as recorded.

To view the livestream of the Civil Service Commission meeting visit:

To access the October 21, 2020, Virtual Civil Service Commission meeting remotely, join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Android device using the following URL.