Living in Cornwall

 MICHAEL FALCO          Publish Date: 09 April 2021

                         Nothing can beat lunch in the form of a tasty ice cream sundae! I recently treated myself to a Hot Fudge Nut ice cream lunch at the popular Weir’s Ice Cream on Rt.94. The seasonal opening of Weir’s becomes a local destination.  

                         Dr. EDDIE HURLEY, of Firthcliff, has produced the 2021 Village Bandstand Summer concert schedule and there are also some special summer concerts included down at Donahue Park! Mark your calendars for Tuesday evening live concerts beginning June 01 and continuing each week through September, with a final concert on September 28 of this year. Typical concert hours this season are 6:30 p.m. till 8:00 p.m. June will be here before we know it. See you at the Village Bandstand. Appreciation to you, Dr. Hurley!  

                         Cheers to Highland Engine Company #1, as producers/organizers of last weeks “Highland Engine Annual Easter Egg Hunt.” The grounds around Cornwall Town Hall were buzzing last Saturday with early morning joy for Cornwall’s elementary school aged Town and Village children and their families. Bravo, Highland Engine #1!  

                         Warm, April Natal Day greetings festively include: HORST HOFFMAN and his son COLIN HOFFMAN; OSCAR DOTTER, of Cornwall Coffee Co. & Mercantile fame; JANET ROVBAK; BETHANY HENNEN; AL VANACORE; BOBBI TURNER; YVONNE RING; and from the Leo’s Restaurant empire FRANKIE MANISCALCHI, his brother DANNY MANISCALCHI, and the family matriarch Mrs. JOSEPHINE MANISCALCHI. Buon compleanno!  

                         DOMINIC CORDISCO and MIKE TRAINOR, as event producers, announce  ‘the Village Board approved the use of Donahue Memorial Park for the 2021 Movies on the Hudson. We plan on showing five (5!) movies this summer, rather than our usual four. The approved 2021 movie dates are: June 12, July 17, August 21, September 18, and October 16. We also are working on bringing concerts down to the riverfront. More details to follow. The Village Board graciously contributed $500 towards this season’s movies and music, but each movie costs about $1,000 in licensing, rentals and supplies. We cannot do this without the support of our donors and volunteers.’ If you’d like to volunteer, please reach out in Cornwall to either Dominic Cordisco or Mike Trainor.  

Caption: The Easter Bunny appeared LIVE – In Person from opening till closing on Easter Sunday at Twins Eating House in Cornwall. Pictured here are the Twins, with their father FRANK FRASCA, owner of Twins Eating House, and the beloved Easter Bunny!


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