Living in Cornwall

MICHAEL FALCO                             Publish Date: 19 February 2021  

                         BRENDA GOLDFARB, Outreach Program Coordinator at the Cornwall Public Library, invites you to mark your calendar for this Wednesday, February 24 at 6:00 p.m. Brenda shares: The Cornwall Public Library in partnership with Montefiore St. Luke’s Cornwall is presenting a virtual seminar on the COVID-19 Vaccine: Everything You Need To Know. The presenters are leaders in the medical community and are prepared to provide direct and detailed information on the subject matter that is in the forefront of everyone’s concern. The discussion on the vaccine, its efficacy and much more will be covered. Register on the library’s online calendar or call 845-568-2561. Advance questions should be emailed to in order for you to receive the answers that you are seeking. Hoping that you will join in participating in this valuable life-saving presentation!  

                         By the way, this Tuesday, February 23, there is an afternoon program for you at 1:00 p.m. via the Cornwall Library, in which the New York State Department of Public Service’s annual winter outreach provides advice designed to help consumers manage their energy bills. This includes information on consumer rights and special protection for utility customers, COVID-19 moratoriums on service disconnections, managing energy costs, and more. Registration via the Library’s online calendar! Zoom link to this interactive program will be sent to all registrants on the day of the program. Sign up to register even if you cannot attend, and the library will share a link to the video recording the day after the program!  

                         What a world in this moment! I don’t know about you – I aim to steer clear of fire-breathers and propaganda peddlers and instead seek thoughtful insight from conservative and liberal thinkers. Sometimes – especially when the parties have yet to draw their lines on an issue – the sides even agree! As often as not these days I wind up turning my TV off.  

                         Many of us have come to think that those who do not share our views are bad people. We no longer attempt to understand their perspective, if we ever did. We need to get away from this way of thinking and understand that we can disagree on how to govern without acrimony, without insults, without threats – and perhaps with a better outcome for us all.  

                         Warm and festive Natal Day greetings go forward in these concluding moments of February to celebrants: LINDA McCAULLEY; JOYCE GIBBONS; ROBERT (little bubba) REEVES; PEG LaROSE SYWAK; LYNDA BECKER REYNOLDS (my childhood little girl next door); LIS HELLWEGE; SEAN KELLY; MIKE ANDERSON (sharing sports with the youth of Cornwall); KELTIE McCORMACK; JOYCE A. PRESUTTI (lady of the theatre); TOM DOYLE (award-winning photographer); and ANTHONY J. SCALISE (of Prima Pizza fame).  

                                                                   Cornwall and Cornwall-on-Hudson  

                                                                                 SHOP LOCAL  

                                                                                 EAT LOCAL  

                                                                                 SPEND LOCAL  

                                                                                 ENJOY LOCAL  

                         It is with sadness that I note the recent passing of long time Cornwall resident and active local volunteer ANNE KEEGAN. Once Anne decided that I was alright I was in! It was my pleasure to catch sight of Anne out and about in this community. I believe I saw her the most during especially active volunteer times for Cornwall’s beloved 4th of July events. Whatever the topic of conversation I shared with Anne we inevitably got to laughing. Anne laughing is an especially nice way for me to remember her. Godspeed, Anne. Till we meet again.  


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