4-9 Please Help Keep “Spring” Beautiful

Everyone loves to watch the grass greening up, the birds chirping in their nests, blue skies and warm temperatures encouraging people to go out and walk, go on hikes and the like. But imagine the look on a visitor’s face if they arrive for a hike for the first time at the entrance to Gonzaga Park, at the juncture of Monroe and Town of Palm,  and see garbage strewn for a half mile.  This not only distresses local outdoor lovers, but those visitors are not likely to come back, not likely to look for a restaurant or a place to stay, not likely to drive around and visit shops, and not likely to recommend a trip here to anyone else.  And Gonzaga is not the only place in the area with a trash problem.  Even the birds decorate their nests to be pretty, but today’s humans are so disconnected from the earth that they think nothing of desecrating it.  This is Earth Month, and soon it will be Earth Day (April 27).  Join the small groups in communities that are gathering to clean it up, and please pass the word for others to help make this a beautiful place both to live and for others to visit. If we can’t come together as a community and clean our roadways and driveways up, we guarantee that strict laws and fines will be put in place.  None of us like laws for every little this and that, but piles are trash and not only ugly, they are breeding grounds for rats and mosquitos and other disease carrying insects. 

There’s an old saying, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.  If that is so, what does it say about sharing careless filth and imposing it on friends, neighbors and visitors.

So with a future looking bright with lessening virus threats, and the natural world looking beautiful around us, let’s be a part of it.

If we help the earth to prosper, it will help us prosper too.  If we destroy it, this will be our own undoing as well.


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