Letters to the Editor 10/8/21

Supporting Virginia Scott For Cornwall Town Council

To the Editor,

Please join me in voting to re-elect Virginia Scott for the Cornwall Town Council on Tuesday, November 2nd. For the past two years, Virginia has delivered for Cornwall residents like you and me. From strengthening our local zoning laws to protect against irresponsible overdevelopment to supporting seniors and our recreation department, Virginia has always put serving and putting the needs of the residents of the Cornwall community first.

Virginia demonstrates qualities that all elected officials should possess: a strong work ethic, to be accessible, and a genuine respect for the office she holds. Virginia serves as Town Liaison for six committees and one that I have been a member of is the Moodna Creek Intermunicipal Watershed Committee. For decades I have been concerned about the erosion of Mill Street. Since being appointed to be the liaison to this committee, Virginia has been an active advocate by working with the committee to formally develop and submit a request to Orange County Departments of Planning and Public Works to fund an engineering study to access Mill Street erosion. This study is the first step to be eligible for state and federal funding for remediation.

I’m voting for Virginia for another four years because:  One) Virginia helped me defend Cornwall Moodna stream by preventing the dumping of 1 million gallons daily, of Woodbury “Sewage effluent” in the Moodna stream. Two) Virginia also assisted me, in saving Cornwall Central schools and Cornwall taxpayers from a projected flood of 1000 children to be generated by Woodbury Legacy Ridge development.  She has kept her word to work in the best interests of our community and I’m honored to stand with her.

Anthony Incanno, Cornwall

Kathy Stegenga For Orange County Legislature

To the Editor:

            As I seek re-election to the Orange County Legislature from District 11, I am pleased to have been endorsed by the Republican and Conservative Parties, the Hudson Valley Building and Trades Council, the Civil Service Employees Association and the Corrections Officers Benevolent Association.       

            Since 2018, under the excellent leadership of County Executive Steve Neuhaus, we have together accomplished much. Our County tax rate has decreased all four years, resulting in lower taxes;  County debt has decreased by over 12 million dollars; your property values have increased an average of 32.6%;  Sales Tax revenue is up over 49 Million dollars; and the Hotel/Motel tax proceeds are being dedicated to growing, Tourism efforts and assisting our small businesses to prosper.

            All County Legislative meetings are now live on line for greater openness of our public proceedings. We are budgeting to acquire additional open space and improve our parks, and plans are proceeding to expand the Heritage Rail Trail to include Salisbury Mills along the former ConRail line.

            While COVID-19  greatly impacted lives and businesses, I was pleased to distribute County provided masks and hand sanitizers to residents and to local merchants for distribution.  As President of the Washingtonville/Blooming Grove Chamber of Commerce, we provided $5000.00 to our local busnesses, regardless of membership status, to insure the safety of their employees and customers and maintain their viability in our community.  

            My goal, when re-elected, is to continue representing the hard- working  residents of Orange County and insure your voices are heard. Please free to contact me at 845-629-2246 to discuss any issues you may have.

Most respectfully,
Kathy A. Stegenga

In Support Of Matt Rettig

To the Editor:

I am writing because I support Matt Rettig for Orange County Legislator.

My wife and I moved here with our infant son only recently, and Matt and his wife welcomed us right away to our new community. We moved here because we believe in Cornwall and love what Cornwall is, but we also love Cornwall for what it could be. Like us, Matt understands the opportunities here, and he’s the leader we need to capitalize on them. Matt’s ideas and work ethic will help make this a place where we’ll be proud to raise our son.

We’ve noticed that the incumbents both at the Town and County levels seem out of touch and uninterested in moving Cornwall forward. They’ve missed or botched many opportunities to improve our quality of life. This is a shame and is reason enough for them to go. Add to that the well-documented corruption and grift Matt’s opponent has tolerated, and it’s clear to me that Matt is the only option for honest, responsible, and competent government.

Please join me in electing Matt Rettig to the County Legislature!

Mike Fox