Letters to the Editor


Concerns Of VSBG Proposed Business Park

Open Letter to VSBG Officials and Residents

I am writing with my concerns after attending Monday’s Village of South Blooming Grove Zoning Board of Appeals meeting regarding “South Blooming Grove Business Park.” 

All of your agencies/organizations either have a vested interest in this development or were mentioned by Michael Morgante, Project Manager in his presentation tonight.  The applicant, Route 208 Holdings LLC  ( NYS DOS # 5709051 ) 199 Lee Avenue Suite 103 Brooklyn NY 11211  has requested a variance from initial submission, ie 2 2600 sq ft. four story buildings with a height of 57 feet and 620 parking spaces vs. initial request of 2 three story buildings with 500 parking spaces.

Here are my notes from Morgante’s (Arden Consulting Engineers, PLLC) presentation:

*   Mr. Halpern, this project’s contact had also stated the project is “sitting on a huge tank of water…so much water that we’ll be able to sell it back to the Village.” 

*   re: need for additional floor, Mr. Halpern stated there are businesses awaiting to move in…these businesses are not allowed to have Internet in their homes and this project will provide a space for them.

*   a member of the public noted that the Satterly Creek, part of the Moodna Watershed lies in the rear of the property.  this creek runs through the Village of South Blooming Grove, then connects with the Moodna Creek and then into the Hudson.

*   No vote on this variance was  taken last night…Chair Bittman wanted to wait for Village Engineer Fusco’s comments as he is involved in the project.  Next ZBA meeting is scheduled for July 22, 2021.

*   project is out of ACOE wetlands but will drill wells within these wetlands to supply water for this project.  there will be 2 wells on site that will provide 11-12,000 gals/day adding in this 4th floor…Health Dept will oversee this.

*   project will have its own sewage treatment plant

*   had discussions with DOT and traffic documents were submitted…speak to Planning Board if you have traffic concerns…application is ‘in’ at DOT

*   adding this additional floor will not impact traffic

*   applicant is requesting ‘relief’ for this extra story and height

*   surface water quality overlay….a 100ft. buffer  ???????

*   project is lower than Route 208 so extra height won’t impair view

*   all infrastructure pipes are 5 feet underground, so potential heavy truck traffic won’t harm them

*   both buildings are in “ridge line overview”

*   Museum Village is a Town Road while 208 is a State Road…Town of Blooming Grove has been forwarded this information as an “interested party” as per SEQRA

*   using NYS owned property along 208–50 to 60 ft–for turning lanes

*   both buildings will be facing 208–traffic signals at Museum Village/208 and 208/entrance (new) and “First Care” complex (currently in place)

*   VSBG pumping station by O/R lake–approx 100 ft south of Museum Village Road will not be impacted

*   project will be able to accommodate 73 1/2 foot tractor trailers for deliveries

some public comments:  “this could negatively impact already fragile water supply for SBG”  ” if not enough water is found could project be scaled back/reduced in size?  Morgante responded with “I engineer this project.”

“with these lg heavy vehicles and potential for increased road damage, can escrow account be set-up for repair?”  “will plans be online for public to view?”  Dep Clerk Vega said she would put them online.

Meeting ended with Moche Halpern ( residence: 8 Kingsville Drive Monroe and also this projects contact)  stating this extra floor is needed to bring more businesses to area and in turn get more tax revenue to help citizens that are paying high taxes.   Ironically,  on July 29 the Village will be holding a second Public Hearing to amend Village Code 235 permitting houses of worship…which in effect will be taking homes OFF the tax rolls, if passed!

I am reaching out to sound the alarm here….we are being besieged!

Any other documents that I can furnish, please let me know.

Sue Anne Vogelsberg