Letters to the Editor

Anagnostakis in Republican Primary

To the Editor:

    In the corrupt Political Insiders desperate efforts to replace me with their handpicked operative, I, Mike Anagnostakis, your Republican County Legislator, have endured countless false attacks.

    Not content with trying to fool taxpayers about my accomplishments, they lie about my Republican Political Party affiliation, trying to trick Primary voters. Trying to confuse Seniors, they lie about my efforts in saving our nursing home, Valley View. But most shameful, they fabricate false ugly stories trying to smear my name with my beloved Veterans!

    The people are not fooled by these character assassination tactics — rather, they are disgusted! And, in the end, I firmly believe our God Almighty sees all of this !!

    The people know who I am. The people know what I stand for and what I fight for. Further, the people know that only they will pick the Republican candidate — NOT the corrupt Political Insiders!

    I promise to always continue to fight for what’s best for the people — and NOT those Political Insiders!

    I’m Mike Anagnostakis, and I humbly ask for your vote in our Republican Primary on Tuesday, June 22nd.

    P.S. — Even if I lose, please keep my home number 568-0236, and if you ever need help on anything, call me and I’ll do all I can to help. May everyone always enjoy Health and Happiness!

Mike Anagnostakis

Your Republican County Legislator

Appreciating Colin Schmitt


I want to thank our Assemblyman Colin Schmitt for leading the fight on behalf of Chester and our local community interests in Albany on all fronts. 

Particularly I want to give a special shout-out to Colin who has been fighting for years to pass community preservation bills for our community. Passing local and county legislation that would help us out. Never willing to bend to special interests or powerful elected officials who keep standing in the way of our town. 

This year the Attorney General Leticia James once again struck on our community. Directly intervening to block this bill from passing. Thankfully we had our Assemblyman Colin Schmitt working on our behalf and holding her publicly accountable so we would all know what really happens in the dark corners of corrupted political power in Albany.   

We are lucky to have Assemblyman Colin Schmitt serving as the sole voice for us in state government. The only leader always willing to have our back. The only leader who has consistently supported us at every turn and with his every action and intention. 

Thank you Assemblyman Colin Schmitt for putting Chester first.


Orlando Perez, Town of Chester NY

Possible Disadvantage to Gun Buyback

To the Editor: 

I read with interest that Orange County District Attorney David M. Hoovler; City of Newburgh Acting Police Chief Kevin Lahar; and the New York State Police, Troop F announced a gun “buy-back” to be held in Newburgh in July.

While this feel-good measure is great for photo-ops and headlines, gun “buy-backs” have been found to have no impact on either gun crime or other violent crime. Of course the DA and police know this, but wasted tax payer dollars are a small price to pay for some headlines and photos.

I would suggest that anyone considering trading an antique or family heirloom firearm for a $25 – $150 valued gift card first research the firearm’s real value (https://www.gunbroker.com/) then contact a Federal Firearm License (FFL) holder or gun store to legally sell the firearm (http://fflgundealers.net/). Typically gun stores will pay 50% – 80% of a firearm’s retail value when buying a used firearm.

Don’t let the police or DA rip you off. Sell your unwanted firearm legally and get what its worth.

Kevin Faith
Rock Tavern, NY

Thoughtfulness In Primary Vote

To the Editor:

We are writing to add our opinions to that of others on this page concerning the primary election for Cornwall Town Supervisor. 

We don’t know Joshua Wojehowski well but have always found him to be respectful and decent any time we have spoken with him. We believe he is an intelligent, good person. We are disheartened, however, by his decision to seemingly frame this primarily as a race between old vs new in a recent mailer sent to potential voters. This mailer seems to depict our current Supervisor as someone who has consistently missed opportunities to improve our quality of life and who is opaque rather than transparent. Is there no room for a show of respect for Supervisor Randazzo’s service to the community? Are we to believe that he did not serve that community well at all?

We can only vote on the facts as we see them in this election. We don’t know for sure if Mr. Wojehowski would be effective in the position of Supervisor. We realize that a lot of people, many of whom we respect, feel that he would. Perhaps in a few years, if the outcome is that he serves his term on the Town Board, we will have a better sense of his abilities.

Rita Ponessa and Bill Clark

Cornwall on Hudson, NY