Submission Guidelines

The Orange County Post enjoys receiving submittals from our readers. Please read our  guidelines before submitting text, press releases, community calendar events, photos and other information.
Guidelines: Please do not submit photos, or stories for events that occurred more than a week before the publication date of the newspaper. All people in photos should be identified in the photo caption, as well as who took the photograph. Please do not submit  photos without any background on what is transpiring in the photo. All text should include who, what, when, where and why the event took place. Please be as specific as possible with factual content. All language that editorializes, or reflects opinion, will be cut. Please keep community calendar items as brief as possible and include “community calendar” in the title of your email. Please send photos as email attachments. Editing may be done for clarity and spatial considerations to comply with the style used at the  Orange County Post. Please do not send documents as PDFs. All documents should be sent as Word documents, and attached in an email. Letters to the editor must be submitted via email, and must include a phone number so authentication can be verified. All documents must be sent electronically. We will not type letters, community calendar items, announcements or other documents.
Items that do not adhere to these guidelines will not be published. Print publication will be decided on by the editor. Document and photo submittals aren’t guaranteed publication.
We want to represent the voice of the community in our newspapers. Please help us streamline the process by following these guidelines. Thank you.

Orange County Post Staff

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