City Takes Steps To Beef Up Camera Surveillance

By Mark Gerlach

The City of Newburgh is taking steps to allocate money toward purchasing new surveillance cameras and fixing its old ones.

The Department of Justice allowed the city to repurpose $152,031 for new security cameras. U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer and Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney pushed to have the money green-lighted from a previously-approved grant.

The city received about $460,000 to create safer neighborhoods and reduce gang and gun violence in Oct. 2015. The lawmakers said the approximately $152,000 wasn’t released at that time, in March 2016, and was stuck in limbo, an announcement from the politicians said.

The city is also trying to use money it has for a skateboard park slated for Delano-Hitch Recreation Park for cameras. The council hopes to get the park built for a lower cost, which may include it being redesigned. A resolution was passed to reject the bids the city received for the new skateboard park. The price tag on the skateboard park is in the ballpark of $560,000.

To read the full article see the Friday, Sept. 30 editions of The Sentinel and Orange County Post. 

Petition Aims to Add Cameras in City

By Mark Gerlach

A petition is circulating after Keyshan Gayle, 18, lost his life to a gunshot wound in the City of Newburgh late last month. The petition is asking for more cameras to be added in the City of Newburgh to monitor and light up its streets.

Keyshan Gayle. (photo provided)

Jennifer Bediako, Gayle’s mother, spoke at a Newburgh City Council meeting on Sept. 12 at the city’s Activity Center, saying she supports the petition. “My son was murdered in the perfect atmosphere, non-working streetlights, and a non-working camera,” Bediako said, fighting back tears. “It was pitch black in front of that store that night. This is not acceptable.”

Gayle was waiting for a friend to leave the store when someone pulled up and starting shooting, Bediako said. “My son was not the intended target,” she said. “He didn’t even see it coming. And his killer has not been caught yet.”

If there are functioning cameras in the area criminals might think twice before shooting innocent victims, she said.

The petition had about 2,203 signatures as of Thursday afternoon.

“We are demanding the city light up our streets with key cameras in honor of Keyshan Gayle,” the petition, started by Schnekwa McNeil, said. “We are demanding the city act now. A lit city may prevent crime and the working cameras will definitely be a key witness to any crime committed.”

To read the full article see the Friday, Sept. 16 editions of The Sentinel and Orange County Post.