UPDATE: Chester House Sustains Major Storm Damage

UPDATE: A reporter spoke to the Homeowner who said he and his wife had just gotten home and were about to walk into the house during the storm when the tree fell.

Their two older sons were inside. One of the sons is Autism Spectrum and was quite shaken, but neither the parents or the sons were hurt. A pet cat, named JINKS, however, was not so lucky and died when the tree crashed.

Chester’s Building Department has ruled the house is uninhabitable.

Kamil Sudol’s Road To Recovery 

Several months ago a young man, Kamil Sudol, suffered a devastating accident while diving.It resulted in months at Kessler Institute in West Orange, New Jersey.  Kamil has been beating the odds every day since, and has done so with quite the support team.  It includes family, friends like Taylor Moreau, her dad – New Windsor Councilman Steve Moreau, and a group of teens whose faces show just how deep the affection is between this tight knit group.They clearly will be there with and for him on the rest of this journey back to health. Here are some words from his friend, Taylor Moreau

“Many of you may have heard or seen our story and how it is unfolding. One day at a time, we see Kamil’s progress, whether it be small improvements, or just another day with his head held high. Kamil holds the most strength in any 21 year old man I have ever seen; it is not easy spending some of the “best years of your life” in a wheelchair weeks before your 21st birthday, and told you might never get the chance to get back on your feet.(While at Kessler his friends/fans peer through the window to cheer him on for his birthday.) Nonetheless, Kamil will not stop until he does! After spending long days in hospitals for the past 2 months, Kamil finally returned home healthy and happy this past weekend. He was welcomed by his parents and I, his two younger brothers, and his 3 dogs he missed so dearly, all in efforts to give him the most comforting moments as he entered his home very differently than he ever had before. It is overwhelming, it is emotional, and it is difficult. But, Kamil is the person who can take this challenge by the reins. Kamil had some close friends visit him the weekend he arrived home, too, which gave him the chance to laugh and get back to where he used to be! He is so glad to be home and on this road to recovery, and he is so happy to see the amount of people coming along the journey with him. Your support will take him measures; it is truly indescribable how grateful we are for those that have stood up next to Kamil to be by his side while he is needing it the most. It is very heartwarming to see Kamil home again, smiling, and feeling much more comfortable than he had in months. We are slowly getting back to where we used to be, and he is determined to get there fast! Again, thank you for all supporting us, day after day. We thank you and love you all!”

Schmitt Addresses Attorney General On Local Land Development Conflicts

Assemblyman Schmitt Writes Letter to  New York’s Attorney General

In light of recent controversy over a development in Chester where residents say the planned infrastructure and density is a danger to the environment, and the builder says the complaint is generated by bias, the New York State Attorney General stepped in.  This letter from Assemblyman Colin Schmitt to Attorney General Letitia James invites her to come and discuss the issue with him and with residents, so she can get a more realistic picture of the ongoing controversy about this and other  communities in Orange County which believe they are on the verge of reaching  the end of environmentally safe “buildout” levels. They believe the area’s rural character and sustainable infrastructure needs to be protected, while the builder believes the resistance is based on anti-semitism.  Schmitt’s letter says that if she comes for a visit she will see their real ongoing concerns.

Colins letter to AG.jpg

Betty’s Announces Partnership

Betty’s Announces Partnership
By Eugenia Moskowitz

Kevin Radday, owner of the famed restaurant Betty’s Country Kitchen in Washingtonville, has announced that his restaurant will soon expand its culinary services with a partner on board. “Frank Frasca will be joining me as a face you will see in the restaurant when you come in for all your favorite meals,” Radday said on Sept. 28 when he announced the partnership to the public. “Frank and his wife Eileen have been a big part of Betty’s for years,” he said. “Customers might remember him dressed as Barney Rubble to my Fred Flintstone at last year’s Witchingtonville.”

Radday was referring to the annual Halloween event Washingtonville became known for last year when people from all over Orange County and beyond came to the village for a day of fun and fright. The recent growth of Washingtonville community events is one of the main reasons Radday chose to take a partner. “Anyone who knows me knows I love Washingtonville and love being a part of these events,” he said. “Like the Color Run last weekend. Having a partner, someone who knows and is good at the business means I can step away from the kitchen and devote more time to doing the things I love for the people I love, knowing that the restaurant is in good hands.”

Frasca, a U.S. Navy veteran and resident of Washingtonville for 14 years, has been a constant presence at Betty’s since it opened. “I appreciate Kevin and his wife giving my family the opportunity to be a part of Betty’s and its growth. We look forward to making Betty’s even more special than it already is.” Frasca spent 25 years in the corporate world and is anticipating this new adventure. He and Eileen are the parents of three year old twins Jackson and Gianna.

“Frank is a perfect fit: hardworking, friendly, great with children, and he knows exactly what to do when I am, well…as my wife would say, a little disorganized,” Radday said with a chuckle. “This partnership will give me more time to spend with our family.”Radday and his wife Maureen have a large extended family. “I love family events and really look forward to having more time with my daughter Elizabeth while she’s still little, as well as my older daughters before they get married.”

“Family is important to both Kevin and I,” Frasca said, “and welcoming families for good food and enjoyment is what Betty’s will continue to be about.”

CAPTION: Frank and Eileen Frasca and Maureen and Kevin Radday announced their business partnership at Betty’s Country Kitchen last week. (Photo provided)